Washington Headquarters Service (WHS) Acquisition Directorate (AD) is seeking information on behalf of the Human Resources Directorate (HRD). WHS-HRD is a shared service provider, delivering Human Resources (HR) and Personnel Security (PS) services. HRD provides support to multiple Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal customers in the competitive and accepted service under several HR systems (e.g., Title 5, DCIPS, CES). To meet DoD Time-To-Hire (TTH) expectations and successfully expand the hiring pilot processes to HRD’s additional customers, HRD requires contractors’ assistance to sustain day-to-day recruiting and staffing activities while HRD obtains the needed staff and conducts development of current staff to take on the cradle-to-grave responsibilities. Therefore, HRD is seeking a contractor who is able to provide resources with varying degrees of experience and expertise in Federal and DoD recruitment, staffing and classification processes and procedures to assist in the delivery of all aspects of HRD recruitment, staffing, classification, and onboarding