North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code:  336413 (Other Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing)

SBA Size Standard:  1,250 employees

Requirement Information:  New Manufacture of 1680011417358RK

This Sources Sought Synopsis (SSS) is in support of market research being conducted by the United States Air Force (USAF).  This market research is being conducted to increase competition for this requirement by identifying potential sources and to determine whether or not this requirement can be satisfied with a Small Business Set-Aside.  This is not a Request for Proposal (or solicitation) or an indication that a contractual commitment will exist for this requirement. The government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this market research.  No funds are available to fund the information solicited.

The Government will use the information gathered through publication of this SSS to determine the best acquisition strategy for this requirement.  The Government is interested in all potential sources including Small Businesses, Small Disadvantaged Businesses, 8(a) businesses, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, HUBZone Small Businesses, Women-Owned Small Businesses, etc.

Potential sources shall be capable of furnishing all required labor, materials, facilities and equipment required to accomplish the new manufacture of the item(s) listed below.  Generally, this entails the procurement/manufacture of component parts, inspection, testing, preservation/packaging, and shipping.  Additionally, potential sources may be responsible for supply chain management, logistics planning, forecasting production requirements, long-lead time parts procurement, diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortage issues, and shipping serviceable assets.  The unit prices will be established at the time of a contract award for the item(s) listed below.

Potential sources may be responsible for nonrecurring engineering costs associated with becoming an approved source.

Purchase Request Number: FD20302101916-01

Application:  F-15


Production Information:

P/N                        NSN                            Noun                                 Estimated Requirement

2752021-102         1680-01-141-7358RK Receptable Assembly        8 each

The work specified in this SSS does not have any associated technical data available for distribution.  Potential sources for this effort shall be companies who have a current license or agreement with PTI Technologies Inc. to complete the work described in this SSS.  Companies interested in performing the work specified, and have met the requirements stated above, should submit this information (i.e. license or agreement information) to the requirements workflow at the following address. Please include the PR number in the subject line of the request to ensure the action is routed to the responsible organization. 

This SSS is issued solely for informational and planning purposes.  No funds are available to fund the information requested.  The information in this notice is current as of the publication date but is subject to change and is not binding to the Government.  Oral submissions of information are not acceptable.    

NOTE:  Potential sources should only submit questions regarding this post to the above email address.  DO NOT CONTACT THE ORIGINATOR OF THIS POST WITH QUESTIONS.

Submit the following information also:

  • Company Name and Address
  • Cage Code
  • DUNs Number
  • Company business size by NAIC code
  • Small Business Type (s), if applicable
  • Point of Contact  for questions and/or clarification
  • Telephone Number, fax number, and email address
  • Web Page URL
  • Teaming Partners (if applicable)
  • OEM License/Agreement/Manual

Provide any recommendations and/or concerns.

Responses and/or questions to this synopsis will be posted through www.Sam.Gov.