FD2030-20-02369 – Sources Sought – Repair of the B-1 Access Doors, Wing Landing Flaps, Aircraft Slats, Wing Spoilers, Aircraft Strut (Multiple NSNs and Part Numbers)

Sep 1, 2020 | Sources Sought

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TITLE: Repair Requirements for the B-1 Access Doors, Wing Landing Flaps, Aircraft Slats, Wing Spoilers, Aircraft Strut (Multiple NSNs and Part Numbers, see below)

SUMMARY: The work defined in this draft Performance Work Statement (PWS) encompasses the disassembly, cleaning, inspection, maintenance, reassembly, testing and finishing actions required to return the items to a serviceable condition. The contractor is responsible for having the repair capabilities to include appropriate technical data, repair documents, and license agreements, required to accomplish this repair. The Contractor will be responsible for the scheduled delivery of quality products in accordance with the PWS.

Please see attached documents:

1. Sources Sought Synopsis Document*: SSS_ FD2030-20-02369_31Aug2020

2.  DRAFT Performance Work Statement: PWS_SSS_FD2030-20-02369_31Aug2020

* Mandatory Information required per this document

All responses shall be submitted to the Points of Contacts for this notice. 

NSN(s) / P/N(s):

1560-01-143-1058      L3223550-001

1560-01-143-1059      L3223550-002

1560-01-180-5789      L1702003-012

1560-01-182-9613      L1804004-002

1560-01-183-0139      L1804006-001

1560-01-183-0140      L1804006-002

1560-01-183-0141      L1804003-001

1560-01-183-0142      L1804003-002

1560-01-183-0143      L1804002-001

1560-01-183-0144      L1804002-002

1560-01-183-1946      L1702001-031

1560-01-183-1947      L1702002-011

1560-01-183-1948      L1702003-011

1560-01-183-1949      L1702004-011

1560-01-183-1950      L1700005-021

1560-01-183-1951      L1700006-031

1560-01-183-1952      L1700007-031

1560-01-183-1954      L1702002-012

1560-01-183-1955      L1702004-012

1560-01-183-1956      L1700005-022

1560-01-183-1957      L1700006-032

1560-01-183-1958      L1700007-032

1560-01-183-1959      L1702001-032

1560-01-183-2031      L1804005-002

1560-01-190-4974      L1600003-021

1560-01-215-2735      L1600004-021

1560-01-215-2738      L1600004-022

1560-01-247-4310      L1804004-001

1560-01-276-9362      L1804005-001

1560-01-215-8034      L3400364-041

1560-01-218-1816      L3400107-021

1560-01-216-9973      L3400107-022

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