FA8730-21-R-XXXX – Sources Sought – Mobility Air Forces Flight Planning Services (MAFPS)

Nov 7, 2020 | Sources Sought

Air Mobility Command (AMC) employs Mobility Air Forces (MAF) Automated Flight Planning Service (MAFPS) as its automated, fuel efficient flight planning capability to navigate worldwide in a constantly evolving global environment. Complimenting MAFPS is the Web-based Global Flight Planner (Web-GFP) which serves as a thin client graphical user interface to create flight plans and the Aeronautical Advisory Server (AAS) with Digital Notices to Airmen Services (DNOTAMS) to increase operational aircrew safety and situational awareness. The MAFPS, Web-GPS, and DNOTAMS’ primary user is the 618th Air Operation Center (AOC) at Scott AFB, IL, 603rd USAFE AOC, and 608th PACAF AOC during a 24/7/365 operation as well as geographically separated remote global unit level MAFPS users.

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