FA8609-2020-03 – Sources Sought – KC-46 Palletized Seats

Sep 19, 2020 | Sources Sought

The KC-46 palletized seating program consists of two (2) pallet types:  a 10-seat and a 12-seat pallet.  The primary seat pallet requirement is to transport Unit Type Code (UTC) packages for organic deployments.  Secondary use will be to transport military duty passengers, ambulatory patients, and space-available passengers.  Each seat will have the storage capacity for required prepositioned Aircrew Flight Equipment (AFE), e.g. Emergency Passenger Oxygen System (EPOS) and Life Preserver Units (LPUs).  Small hand carried personal baggage may be stored underneath the seats.  This effort is to build palletized seating systems to accommodate passenger carriage in KC-46 aircraft in both 10-seat and 12-seat configurations.   

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