Sources Sought Synopsis

Product description: Video Game collection development point system that allows DAF Libraries AF and SF Base Libraries and Remote and Isolated Kits to meet their monthly video game requests.

Product characteristics an equal item must meet to be considered:

  • Must be able to provide materials for collection development in formats that include video games
  • The vendor must offer video game plans providing selection from a significant collection of new release or high demand titles.
  • The vendor must provide reliable monthly selection lists ensuring that selections will be new release or high demand titles. The customer also desires the ability to select older titles re-released video game titles that may not be on the selection lists. Following formats: Xbox One & Series X, PlayStation 4 & 5, and Nintendo Switch
  • Each Remote and Isolated kit should be 1 box and shipped to requested locations and consist of 6 Video Game titles, selected from current popular titles. Will ship to: 25 sites, 12 monthly shipments of 6 video games per kit, for a total of 1,800 video games.
  • Each Department of the Air Force Base Library kit should be 1 box and shipped to requested locations and consist of 10 Video Game titles, selected from current popular titles. Will ship to: 63 libraries, 12 monthly shipments of 10 video games per box, for a total of 7,560 video games.
  • Must be able to provide material of new releases, current best sellers as well as a back catalog of older material
  • NO Duplication of titles in the kits from previous monthly kits
  • Requires access to the vendor's pre-publication lists with advance notice of new releases, and access to information about other titles available.
  • Shall provide a multi-tier web-based system for review and selection. The system shall offer access to information about publications such as reviews, selection lists, release dates, publisher's list prices, video game covers, descriptions, etc. Librarians shall have their own unique logins to select items, build carts, and submit selections to the Contractor, or notifications to the ordering officer, who will then submit the selections to the Contractor.
  • Selections shall be allowed at minimum once a month
  • Items received in error or in unacceptable condition shall be replaced and shipped to the customer at no additional cost. Return of such items shall not be required.
  • Shipping shall be via U.S. Postal Service First Class and Priority Mail, UPS, FedEx Ground, or similar to APO addresses, either New York, NY or San Francisco, CA. No international shipping is required.
  • No technical or physical processing is required
  • The vendor shall ship items in complete kits on a monthly basis. Kits must be packaged and labeled separately for each location.
  • Must be able to dedicate customer service representative to resolve all service issues