FA8601-A012162 – Sources Sought – Pyxis Upgrade

Oct 24, 2020 | Sources Sought

Wright-Patterson Medical Center (WPMC) is seeking to upgrade their existing Automated Point-Of-Use Supply Management System (closed) for issuing a broad range of supplies (medical and non-medical).  The Point of Use system shall be controlled by Materiel Management section. This system shall be modular, flexible, and user configurable.  The Point of Use system shall allow only pre-authorized users access to stored items within the system, while electronically monitoring and recording all transactions.  The consumption of supply items shall be associated with specific patients (preferred method) or to the section when appropriate.  All non-medical supplies shall be issued to the section.  The point of use system shall allow WPMC to perform patient level cost accounting for Inpatient functions. This system must be compatible with the current Pyxis Supply System which is outdated and it will not be compatible with Med-COI.  Med-COI is the single, secure, inter-operable community communications and information technology operations. The current system is manufactured by CareFusion (now collaborated with BD) and any vendor responding to this offer must have a licensed agreement with BD authorizing them to perform upgrades on the current installed system.

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