FA853221R0012 – Sources Sought – The MHU-174/E Guided Missile Lift Truck NSN 1730-01-084-1133

Jun 23, 2021 | Sources Sought

The MHU-174/E Guided Missile Lift Truck, assigned National Stock Number (NSN) 1730-01-084-1133, lifts and attaches munitions, weapons, rocket launchers, fuel tanks, and other aerial stores weighing up to 7,000 lb. onto pylons and launchers within integrated maintenance facilities. The Lift Truck is a self-propelled, hydraulically operated system with rear wheels driven by an electric motor and steered by a hydraulically operated and controlled steering cylinder. The payload is lifted and positioned via hydraulic power. Furthermore, the MHU-174/E is nuclear certified and must operate inside a Weapons Generation Facility (WGF) without compromising the health and safety of the operators.

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