FA8240-21-C-0001 – Sources Sought – AFTC Commercial Solution Airlift Management

Mar 19, 2021 | Sources Sought

Air Force Test Center (AFTC) PZ Directorate Hill AFB is conducting a commercial solutions opening (CSO) authorized by Department of Defense Class Deviation 2018-O0016. Under a CSO, the Air Force may competitively award proposals received in response to a general solicitation, similar to a broad agency announcement, to acquire innovative commercial items, technologies, and services, based on a review of proposals by scientific, technological, or other subject-matter expert peers within the Air Force. Under this CSO, all items, technologies, and services shall be treated as commercial items.

The Air Force intends to obtain "innovative" solutions or potential new capabilities that fulfill requirements, close capability gaps, or provide potential technology advancements. Solutions may include existing technologies or procedures that are not currently in use by units at various locations that would enhance or streamline their mission capabilities.

"Innovative" is defined as any technology, process or method that is new as of the date of submission of a proposal. It also includes any new application of an existing technology, process, or method.

This CSO may contain broadly defined areas of interest (AOI) and interest in more specific requirements. While these areas of interest are geared toward meeting requirements at locations listed in each area of interest, the Government reserves the right to award contracts from this CSO to meet Air Force requirements at other locations with similar areas of interest and mission requirements.

AFTC/PZ will utilize an open two-step CSO evaluation process, and in some rare cases a one-step evaluation process. For the first step of the evaluation process, offerors will propose solutions formatted as instructed in Section B. For the second step of the evaluation process, offerors will be selected or non-selected to make a Virtual Pitch or an In-Person Pitch to AFTC/PZ. Offerors invited will pitch their solution to evaluators and will be immediately notified if they were selected for an award. For further details, review Section C of this document for Procedures and Criteria for Selecting Proposals.

The Government reserves the right to fund all, some, one, or none of the proposals submitted; may elect to fund only part of a submitted proposal; and may incrementally fund any or all awards under this CSO. All awards are subject to the availability of funds. All contracts will be firm-fixed price. All supplies or services procured via this CSO are treated as commercial. The Air Force must determine the price fair and reasonable prior to award. The Air Force intends to award FAR Part 12 contracts as a result of this CSO.

Further information on pitch days will be provided in the invitation to selected offerors. Offerors should monitor beta.sam.gov for amendments, modifications, and potential AOIs.

Any questions or concerns regarding this CSO can be addressed via e-mail to preston.hodson @us.af.mil and suzanne.porter.1@us.af.mil

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