FA822421M8376 – Sources Sought – Hill Air Force Base RFI- D5 Static Fire Test Equipment Manufacture

Oct 3, 2020 | Sources Sought

This is a sources sought notice for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in FAR Subpart 15.201(c), as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement only constitutes a Request for Information (RFI); responses will be utilized in gauging market interest in and pricing for this requirement. The Government anticipates formally soliciting this requirement via the Government Point of Entry beta.sam.gov at a future date.

RFI number FA822421M8376 is issued as an instrument of Market Research and will be utilized strictly for informational purposes. Responses submitted for this RFI will not be evaluated as formal proposals and the prices included with each response will not be held firm in future correspondence. Responses need not be submitted in the form of a quote or bid, but should indicate vendor interest in the requirement should it be formally solicited. The inclusion of a capabilities statement is preferred.

This requirement is anticipated to be solicted under full and open competition. The requirement calls for the contractor to provide two (2) D5 Static Fire Test Equipment Assemblies In Accordance With (IAW) the specifications in the Statement of Work (SOW) and Purchase Specifications documents provided with this notice.

Contractor format is allowed in all responses. Responding vendors may supply their responses via any form, document, or format they desire and will not be held to the prices quoted therein pending formal solicitation. Responses will only indicate interest in supplying the requirement at a future date.

**Please refer to attachment “8376_Sources Sought_D5 Static Fire Test Equipment” for an anticipated CLIN structure.**

  • All CLINs are anticipated to be established on a firm fixed price basis.
  • Any deviations should be clearly specified in the notice response.
  • All proposals should indicate if the vendor can achieve the 120-day installation suspense date.
  • Responding vendors may specify any warranty conditions and parameters with their responses.

Responding vendors must complete the DD2345 non-disclosure form before the Government will grant access to the associated drawings. Responding vendors will submit a completed copy of the Blank DD2345 form provided in this RFI to william.weiss.1@us.af.mil, after which the vendor will be supplied the drawings via a secure, third party link.

**The closing date for all responses is 09 October 2020 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.** All questions regarding this RFI should be submitted by 07 October 2020 to allow for the Government to assess the inquiry and provide a response.

Response Submission Information:

Submit responses to Contract Specialist, William Weiss, via email to william.weiss.1@us.af.mil.

RFI questions can be made via email or phone, 801-777-5326. Please submit technical questions via the email above.


  1. 8376_D5 Static Fire Test Equipment_Statement of Work dated 16 September 2020
  2. 8376_D5 Static Fire Test Equipment_Purchase Specifications
  3. 8376_Data Item Description
  4. Blank DD2345 Form

FOB: Destination

Delivery Schedule: 120 days after receipt of offer

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