FA813221R0001 – Sources Sought – Eddy Current Inspection System Phase III Upgrade

Nov 3, 2020 | Sources Sought

                                                                Sources Sought Synopsis


                  Automated Eddy Current Inspection System Phase III Upgrade

                                                                          NAICS: 541330
                                                             Size Standard: $16.5 Million


This market survey is being conducted to identify potential sources that may possess the expertise, capabilities, and experience to meet the requirements for qualification and refurbishment and upgrade of ten Automated Eddy Current Inspection Systems (ECIS).  Contractors/Institutions responding to this market research are placed on notice that participation in this survey may not ensure participation in future solicitations or contract awards as this survey is for planning purposes and may not result in a solicitation or contract.  The government will not reimburse participants for any expenses associated with their participation in this survey.


  1. Below is a Contractor Capability Survey, which allows you to provide your company’s capability as it relates to the attached Performance Work Statement (PWS) which is a description of the ECIS Refurbishment and Upgrade requirement.
  1. If, after reviewing these documents, you desire to participate in the market research, you should provide documentation that supports your company’s capability in meeting these requirements.  Failure to provide documentation may result in the government being unable to adequately assess your capabilities.  If you lack sufficient experience in a particular area, please provide details explaining how you would overcome the lack of experience/capabilities in order to perform that portion of the requirement (i.e., teaming, subcontracting, etc.)

            Identify any areas of work that your organization believes should be broken out        

            exclusively for Small Business.

  1. Both large and small businesses are encouraged to participate in this Market Research.  Joint ventures or teaming arrangements are encouraged. All submissions will be reviewed IAW FAR Part 19 procedures.
  1. Questions relative to this market survey should be addressed to the contracting officer, David Herrig, at david.herrig.1@us.af.mil.

Automated Eddy Current Inspection System Phase III Refurbishment and Upgrade


The Government is conducting market research to identify potential sources that possess the production data/repair data, expertise, capabilities, and experience to meet qualification requirements for the refurbishment and upgrade of Tinker AFB’s Automated Eddy Current Inspection Systems

This will be a service acquisition. The refurbishment and upgrade activities involve upgrade of ten ECIS Version 4 stations to ECIS Version 5 technology with new 6-axis mechanical robots, computers and granite bases. It will also involve upgrade of server and station software. This will be a performance-based service. The results of the modifications will mean faster and more accurate data collection during parts inspections. See attached Performance Work Statement (PWS) for details.

Automated Eddy Current Inspection System Phase III Refurbishment and Upgrade


Part I.  Business Information

Please provide the following business information for your company/institution and for any teaming or joint venture partners:

·     Company/Institute Name:

·     Address:

·     Point of Contact:

·     CAGE Code:

  •  Phone Number:
  •  E-mail Address:
  •  Web Page URL:
    ·     Size of business pursuant to North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code:  541330; small business size standard $16,500,000.
           Based on the above NAICS Code, state whether your company is:
  • Small Business                                                (Yes / No)
  • Woman Owned Small Business                      (Yes / No)
  • Small Disadvantaged Business                       (Yes / No)
  • 8(a) Certified                                                  (Yes / No)
  • HUBZone Certified                                        (Yes / No)
  • Veteran Owned Small Business                      (Yes / No)
  • Service Disabled Veteran Small Business      (Yes / No)
    ·     Central Contractor Registration (CCR).              (Yes / No)
    ·     System for Award Management (SAM)              (Yes / No)
    ·     A statement as to whether your company is domestically or foreign owned (if foreign, please indicate the country of ownership).
    Is your company interested in possible subcontracting opportunities?  If so please describe in detail what part or parts of this requirement that your company capable or interested in performing.
    All responses should be sent via: email and/or written response. Responses must be received no later than close of business, 1600 CST, 23 Nov 20.  If submitting email responses, please email to david.herrig.1@us.af.mil. If submitting written responses, please mail two (2) copies of your response to: 
    Questions relative to this market survey should be addressed to:
    David Herrig
    3001 Staff Dr, Post 2S76
    Tinker AFB, OK 73145
    Part II. Capability Survey Questions 
  1. General Capability Questions:
  1. Describe briefly the capabilities of your facility and the nature of the goods and/or services you provide.  Include a description of your staff composition and management structure.
  1. Describe your company's past experience on previous projects involving the production or upgrade of ECIS machines and components.  Include contract numbers, a brief description of the work performed, period of performance, agency/organization supported, and individual point of contact (Contracting Officer or Program Manager).
  1. What quality assurance processes and test qualification practices does your company employ?  Please provide a description of your quality program (ISO 9001, AS9100, etc.)
  1. Describe your company's capabilities and experience in generating technical data, engineering drawings and manuals, and conducting or participating in Configuration Control Boards.  Identify what software programs are utilized to generate these data products and what formats are available for delivered items.
  1. Hardware Production Questions:
  1. Describe your capability and experiences in the manufacturing/fabrication of Automated Eddy Current Inspection components.
  1. Software Development Questions:
  1. Is your company's software development process certified to the Carnegie Mellon Capability Maturity Model?  If so what level of certification have you achieved and what is the date of your certification.
  1. Describe your capabilities and experience in managing software development projects, including subcontractor involvement.  Include any experience in project planning, work breakdown structures, resource allocations, schedule tracking, risk analysis and cost management.
  1. Services Questions


  1. Describe your services capabilities and experience with regard to upgrading ECIS components, upgrading station and server software, and generating software code as it relates to scan plans for inspectable parts.
  1. Demonstrate your ability and experience for the same or similar services, which are currently provided in the commercial and/or military environment by providing the following information on the same or similar items:
  1. Contract Number
  2. Procuring Agency
  3. Contract Value
  4. Services Provided
  1. Describe your capabilities and experience in any required test, evaluation, and repair processes/procedures with regard to the required items.
  1. Describe your process for maintaining Work-Breakdown Structure reports for projects and reporting on hand/work-in-process, and manufacturing status to your customer as required.
  1. If your company can not perform the entirety of the requirement what part could or would your company be able to perform.  Provide specific info on what could be broken out for your company’s performance.

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