AGENCY:  Department of the Air Force

OFFICE:  Air Force Life Cycle Management Center

NAICS CODE: 336412- Aircraft Engine and Engine Parts Manufacturing



Air Force Life Cycle Management Center/Propulsion Sustainment Directorate (AFLCMC/LP) at Tinker Air Force Base (AFB), OK is seeking information concerning the availability of technically and financially capable contractors to provide limited augmentation of non-personal J85 Depot level engine repair services for J85 whole engine maintenance only. This Synopsis is not seeking proposal preparation help, parts supply, engineering only services. This Synopsis is seeking vendor support for J85 whole engine maintenance from sources who have their own facility, equipment, test cell, and ability to support the J85-5R and J85-5S engine models.  Additionally, any interested party must have an approved Source Approval Request (SAR) for the USAF J85-5 engine.   To submit a SAR, please follow the instructions in the Requirement Qualification document provided as an Attachment to this Synopsis.  The contractor would be required to become source approved prior to award by submitting a Source Approval Request (SAR) package.

Based on a review of the industry response to this sources sought notice, the government will determine the appropriate acquisition strategy. 


This requirement involves providing limited production augmentation for repair and overhaul of whole engine maintenance services for the J85-5R/S engines for PE, HPO, HPO+, and unscheduled engine maintenance. This requirement will be performed at the contractor’s facility and would require the contractor to have all equipment necessary to perform the required engine repairs including test cell capability.  This requirement would also require the contractor to price in all material in support of production as no upfront Government Material will be provided.  This limited augmentation effort would be approximately 4- 8 whole engine repairs a month covering the various build mix of PE, HPO, HPO+, and UER engines. 

All repair and maintenance services are required to be provided in accordance with Air Force Instructions and applicable technical orders/data specifications. 

This workload would support engines from the 47th Flying Training Wing (FTW) at Laughlin AFB, TX, the 12th FTW at Randolph AFB, TX, the 80th FTW at Sheppard AFB, TX, the 71st FTW at Vance AFB, OK, and the 14th FTW located at Columbus AFB, MS.  

The main service required is whole engine repair. The main North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for the requirement is 336412 – Aircraft Engine and Engine Parts Manufacturing, and the applicable small business size standard is 1,500 employees.

This service includes: 

  1. Depot level engine maintenance on all assigned J85 jet engines (not all inclusive):
  • Periodic inspection (PE), Hourly Post Flight Inspection (HPO), jet engine intermediate maintenance (JEIM) inspections and all repairs
  • Receiving of whole engines, pre-inspections, disassembly of the whole engine to various levels based on mission intervals provided in technical data down to the piece parts
  • Removal of components, inspection and repair of engine components for serviceability, cleaning of parts, tracking through the repair system, and capability to use precision measurement equipment
  • Use of industrial methods such as degreasing, chemical cleaning, non-destructive testing, and repair of the same parts per technical data
  • Contractor must have the capability to re-assemble the modules and whole engine
  • Contractor should anticipate maintaining an accessory shop, balancing shop, structural repair shop, machine shop, and welding shop
  • Some typical depot processes required, these include but are not limited to rotor balancing, rotor/motor measurement and grinding, and heat treat

b. Performing required updates to the Comprehensive Engine Maintenance System (CEMS), plans scheduling and documentation (PS&D), maintenance data systems analysis, and engine management.

c. Performing engine testing utilizing an approved test cell facility (to include joint oil analysis (JOAP) testing)

d. Providing transportation and transport of engines to and from supported bases.

e. Providing all parts, except AF-Managed items, necessary for repair. 

f. Performing all required programmatic, logistical and resource management functions to assist the government in planning, programming and executing requirements.  

g. Performing all computer client support administrator responsibilities within each functional area for Government provided equipment.  Perform records management for all generated and received government documents.


The government is contemplating a Firm-Fixed-Price (FFP), Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Sole Source Undefinitized Contracting Award to meet the TSR need for the J85-5 engine requirements.  Based on TSR metrics currently, and the capacity of the existing J85 MRO vendor, augmentation support is required to meet engine removals and improve spare engine targets for the J85.  Contract augmentation efforts are anticipated to be structured for a period of performance of one year with a potential one year option period that may be executed in monthly options dependent upon the forecasted removals at the time and the need regarding the Target Serviceable Requirement (TSR) metric health of the engine. Contract performance could potentially begin 1 December 2021 with a 30 day mobilization period.  These dates are subject to change.

The Government will conduct any potential awards of the Sole Source UCA (IAW) Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 15 and any applicable supplements.  This effort will be subject to providing certified cost and pricing data and a review of the vendor accounting systems will be required.  Potentially interested parties seeking additional information pertaining to this acquisition are instructed to send written inquiries to Ms. Carrie Williams, email: and Mr. Steve Green,  Inquiries directed to other Government personnel are prohibited.

THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION OR A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL.  It is a market research tool being used to determine the availability of sources capable of accomplishing the J85 engine repair and maintenance services identified in this notice.  The Government is not obligated to and will not pay for any information received from potential sources as a result of this notice.  This notice is for informational, for planning purposes only, does not constitute a solicitation for bid or proposal, and is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government.  The information provided herein is subject to change and in no way binds the Government to solicit for or award a competitive contract.  Contact with Government personnel, other than those specified in this Sources Sought, by potential Offerors or their employees regarding this requirement is not permitted.


The J85 Team has developed a list of questions to include with response to this Sources Sought Notice.  Please include answers to the following and any additional comments with response.  Please submit responses not later than 22 October 21

  1. Do you have Source approval for J85 whole engine repair or are you able to submit a Source Approval Request (SAR) within the next 30 days?
  1. Are you able to support a FAR 15 Sole Source contract subject to certified cost and pricing requirements along with accounting system pre-award survey requirements? 
  1. Do you have capability to perform J85-5 whole engine maintenance to include having a facility, test cell, equipment, and any support required for the effort?
  1. Have you ever performed any J85 engine maintenance in the past and if so for whom and what type of contracting / pricing arrangements were involved?
  1. What is the capacity for engines produced per month for J85 at your location?
    1. Does the mix of various repair builds affect your capacity of engines produced per month? 
    2. What is your max capacity for all engine production per month?
    3. What would be required to increase capacity?

  1. Would you have to sub-contract any portion of the J85 workload effort and to whom?   If so, realized the subcontracted vendor information would be required as part of the SAR submittal for interested vendors.
  1. What, if any, are limiting factors / risks with the proposed J85 effort impacting you being able to perform the augmentation effort described?
  1. Do you have U.S. Based U.S. Nationals capable of getting CAC Cards and System access to report engine maintenance data in CEMS?  CEMS reporting / tracking is a requirement for the J85 effort.
  1. What is your experience with material ordering of both consumable DLA/GE COI items and USAF managed DIFM/DOTM/LRU items in support of J85?   Have you had experience with FEDMALL?   CAVAF?   What material systems to you use to source Government Approved parts?
  1. Do you have access to J85-5 USAF Technical Data?
  1. What is a per engine ROM (labor, material, support all indirect and direct, profit and overhead for one fixed end item sales price) for PE, HPO, HPO+, UER Teardown, UER Light Maintenance and UER Heavy Maintenance?
  1. Are you capable of shipping engines via air ride trailers?
  1. Provided any agreement for support, what is the transition period before full production of 4 engines or more per month could be achieved?
  1. Do you have storage capability / warehouse space for engines?   What is the max you can store?
  1. Are you agreeable to a one year effort or shorter if need dictates?  Longer effort than 1 year?   Any LIMFACs?
  1.   Any other concerns / questions you may have?


  1. Written summary of information concerning the technical certifications, capabilities, past performance and experience, and corporate background.
  2. Responses to all RFI Questions
  3. Applicable business size standard under NAICS Code 336412- Aircraft Engine and Engine Parts Manufacturing.
  4. CAGE Code and DUNS Number
  5. Please include contact information (name, phone number, and email address, facility physical address).
  6. Any other suggestions, recommendations, or questions.

Responses for RFI submittals shall be limited to 10 pages or less with a typographical font of 12 or greater.  Send all responses to Ms. Carrie Williams email and Mr. Steven Green with the heading “J85 Sources Sought Response- (insert company name)”.

ATTACHMENT:  RQR Requirements for SAR Submittals