AFCEC/COMR has an urgent need to procure 80 each Tachometer, Reel, P/N: 9C00371-1, 52-W-2219-3 or AD-2331528-1
NSN: 6880-01-263-0208. This item is an integral/critical component of the of the BAK-12 absorber. The tachometer, reel is
required to record the aircraft engagement speed. Without a reel tachometer AAS barrier technicians cannot determine the
speed of the engagement which has to be recorded and sent the AAS subject matter expert (SME), Tyndall AFB FL, this
requirement is mandated in technical order 35E8-2 2-1. The BAK-12 Arresting Absorber System and Mobile Aircraft Arresting
System (MAAS) whose sole mission is to stop tail hook equipped fighter aircraft on aborted take-off (engine failure) or when
declaring an, flight emergency requiring the aircraft to engage the runway barrier to prevent potential damage to the airframe
and/or loss of aircrew. The shortage of tachometer, reel further delays Tyndall CEMIRT's AAS program over all mission. The lack
of usable cores required to meet the technical order mandated ten overhaul and upgrade of BAK-12 Arresting Absorber System
and in-turn the Mobile Aircraft Arresting System. MAAS are required to provide temporary barriers for air shows/training, and
contingency/coalition aircraft missions worldwide. The tachometer, reel is zero balance in the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
supply depots.

The contractor shall furnish all required parts, equipment, material, and labor to provide the following item in accordance with
(IAW) all applicable codes, specifications, and industry/federal standards to CEMIRT at Tyndall AFB, Florida.
This requirement is for the procurement of parts and equipment for BAK-12 energy absorber repair, replacement, and fielding
on a global scale