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Aug 25, 2020 | Sources Sought

Requirements For Giant Voice Parts



1.0 INTRODUCTION. The Giant Voice System requires parts that are compatible with the original legacy system and not refurbuished. 

2.0 DESCRIPTION OF ITEMS. The following minimum requirements are needed as indicated:

2.1.  ATI proprietary equipment, sole source for new replacements:

            2.1.1    Siren Amplifier –must have embedded modem, analog to digital converter,

                        RS-232 serial port interface, RS-485 serial port interface as well as a     

                        wireless communication interface. 

2.1.2.   Digital Message Board – must report to the communication control unit

            (CCU) any local faults, such as intrusion, AC and/or charger failures, and    

            low battery conditions and monitors the battery voltage of the siren



2.1.3.   Battery Charger Assembly – must be 10 amp, onboard 120 V AC battery

            charger that charges the 12V DC batteries for emergency back-up.

2.2.   JF/12 Compliant Radios

2.2.1.   Giant Voice System compatible, meet the form-factor to fit and be attached to the communication control unit (CCU) and remote terminal unit (RTU) cabinets.

               2.2.1    Radio RTU firmware : development , optimization and testing of radio

                           w/ ATI (Acoustic Technology, Inc.) MassAlert Software.   


2.3.  Polyphaser, intrusion switch, and KU 100A Driver

               2.3.1.   Must be compatible with the Giant Voice System

               2.3.2.   No additional specifications available


3.0  INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS:  No installation required

4.0. DELIVERY REQUIREMENTS: Deliver to Doris Caldwell, 42d CS/SCXP, 170 West Selfridge Building 941, Maxwell Air Force Base, AL 36112


5.0. WARRANTY: System will include the standard manufacturer’s warranty

6.0   GENERAL INFORMATION: All items provided must be brand new. Refurbished/remanufactured items or previously used items are not authorized.

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