F1U3S90204AW01 – Sources Sought – FSS Field Netting

Aug 18, 2020 | Sources Sought

  1. GENERAL INFORMATION:  The contractor shall provide all management, tools, supplies, equipment, and labor necessary to provide the following: safety netting, railing, and any other materials needed to install the netting around the football field.

    1. Netting/divider curtains to be placed around the indoor football field located in Baker Field House Fitness Center at Eielson AFB, Alaska
    2. Netting to be attached to the ceiling for manual operation
    3. Separate netting sections, minimum of four (4) total:  one (1) for each side for two (2) total for sides, and one (1) for each end for two (2) total for end
    4. Approximate dimensions:
      1. 40’ high and 179’ long, per side for minimum of two nets
      2. 40’ high and 152’ long, per end for minimum of two nets
    5. Vinyl bottom portion to be weighted and to be a minimum of 4” high 
    6. Netting upper portion with no larger than 1 ¼” apertures
    7. Color to be determined
    8. Include freight and installation                            
    9. Contractor will remove and/or dispose of any excess equipment, hardware and construction debris once installation of the cable/oils and safety netting is complete.  Repair of unnecessary damage to the facility will be the responsibility of the contractor.

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