DLA-Aberdeen-20-084 – Sources Sought – Sources Sought for Diesel Engine, used on 15KW, 400Hz Advanced Medium Mobile Power System (AMMPS)

Sep 2, 2020 | Sources Sought

This is a Market Survey to locate additional sources for Engine Diesel, NSN 2815-01-596-5208, P/N A041L579, CAGE Code 44940 Cummins Power Generation, U/O Diesel Engine used on 15KW, 400Hz, AMMPS (Advanced Medium Mobile Power Systems). The current source for the Diesel Engine is Cummins Power Generation, CAGE 44940. Configuration drawings 04-20159-02 are available. Detailed technical data for the manufacture of these units is not available from the Army. Suppliers or distributors capable of furnishing these assemblies must so indicate, by writing to Commander, USA CECOM, ATTN: Building 6010, FL 3, Aberdeen Proving Grounds (APG), MD  21005 or by email to: Alex Kruger, Product Realization Engineer,  alex.m.kruger.civ@mail.mil (443) 861-5462 or Hassan Azzam, Product Realization Engineer, hassan.a.azzam.civ@mail.mil (443) 861-6081

The response must include product lead time, price break ranges if applicable, other relative information that may impact acquisition, supply or delivery, vendor name, CAGE, address, company representative, Tel/fax#, and applicable email address. The successful supplier shall be required to warrant that the item supplied will satisfactorily perform when used for the purpose intended by the Army. For more information contact Alex Kruger, FCDD-ISP-TD, alex.m.kruger.civ@mail.mil, (443) 861-5462 or Hassan Azzam, FCDD-ISP-TD, Product Realization Engineer, hassan.a.azzam.civ@mail.mil, (443) 861-6081,

Deadline for response is 14 September 2020.

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