DACA635200081 – Sources Sought – The Government is requesting sources to lease office space in the Laredo, TX area

Aug 8, 2020 | Sources Sought

Basis of Award:

The lease will be awarded based upon the best interest of the government.  Cost will not be the sole determining factor. The Government intends to award this lease as a best value acquisition with tradeoffs in accordance with FAR Part 15, contracting by Negotiation.  It is also desired that the space contain 10-15 private offices and access to 2 conference spaces.  If no spaces are turn-key ready by 1 September 2020, consideration will be given to the speed with which a facility can be made ready.


The Government is requesting sources to lease approximately 4,000 to 7,000 net usable square feet of existing Class A or B office space [or space that can be adapted to office use], in the Laredo, TX area.  An initial lease shall include a 1-year base lease with 4, 1-year option periods.  A 90-day termination rights for the Government subsequent to the end of the initial year or any option year shall be included. The lease shall be subject to the availability of annually appropriated funds as stated in the attached sample lease for real property. The desired occupancy date is 1 September 2020. Facilities are to be occupied by the US Government. This office is to be located in a defined geographical area that contains businesses and other establishments that are of a compatible nature.

The tenant shall, on a regular basis, have the right to use the space outside of normal working hours and, if required, on Saturdays, Sundays, and Federal holidays. This includes the use of elevators, lights, toilet facilities, fitness areas, common spaces, parking garage and, if necessary, heating and air conditioning.

Local Representative: 

The Lessor shall have an on-site building representative available to promptly respond to deficiencies, and to immediately address any emergency situations.

General Space Criteria: 

Space in one building is preferred, and will be given priority. Space on one floor is preferred, and will be given priority.

Priority consideration will be given to proposals that include a front desk in a reception area.  Proposals shall also delineate any areas that may connect or share a wall with other building tenants.  Proposals shall include how the lessor proposes to provide a secure separation between the government and any existing or future building tenant.

Exterior access control such as a key coded entry required for all entry doors before and after hours.  During business hours only the primary entrance is accessible, all other doors are key controlled. Primary entrance is guarded by security staff, typical at a desk controlling access to elevator banks.

Floor covering of tile and single piece carpet squares is preferred.  Furniture, fixtures and supplied equipment shall match the building standard.

All computer and telephone communications wiring, including security features, are to be part of the Lessor’s tenant improvements build-out. Move-in ready requires minimum WIFI connectivity, landline access preferred.  


All utilities, janitorial, maintenance and repair to be provided by the Lessor during normal service hours

Normal Service Hours:

Services, utilities, and maintenance shall be provided to all accessible areas daily, extending from 7 AM to 6 PM, except Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays.

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