D-20-PX-0097 – Sources Sought – Incineration Services

Aug 20, 2020 | Sources Sought


Document Type: Sources Sought Notice

Posted Date: 08/19/2020

Response Date: 08/28/2020

NAICS Code: 562213 (Incinerators, nonhazardous solid waste)

Size Standard: $38,500,000.00


This is a Source Sought/Request for Information (RFI) notice. This is not a request for proposals and does not obligate the Government to award a contract. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is conducting market research, and is encouraging all businesses, including small businesses, to respond to this notice. The information requested herein will be used within the DEA to facilitate the decision making process in acquisition planning, and will not be disclosed outside the agency. The DEA will not be responsible for any cost incurred by interested parties in responding to this notice. Unsolicited proposals or offers of any kind will not be considered in response to this notice. All information received in response to this notice that is marked “Proprietary” will be handled accordingly.  Responses to the notice will not be returned.  At this time, questions concerning the composition and requirements of any future solicitation regarding the requirement referenced herein will not be accepted or addressed by the Government.

The purpose of this notice is to gather information to determine the availability of vendors capable of providing destruction services in support of the DEA’s Phoenix Division in accordance with the attached draft requirements document (SOO).

The U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has a requirement for contractor support services for destruction by incineration of evidence, which include papers, cassette tapes, bulk marijuana, pharmaceuticals, and other incidental controlled substances or immediate precursor included in schedules I, II, III, IV, or V of title 21 USC 812 or 21 CFR 1308 (11)(12)(13)(14)(15). The incineration will be done in the presence of DEA personnel and contractor personnel appointed by the DEA.


This RFI identifies the performance objectives for destruction by incineration. The services will be requested through Blanket Purchase Agreement Calls. Funding will be provided on the calls issued for the work needed. A DEA representative will call in for scheduling of services and witness the destruction of the evidence.


Interested vendors who believe they possess the necessary capabilities to meet the identified specifications herein should submit a technical description of their capabilities. Interested vendors possessing the required capabilities should respond by providing the Government the following information:

  • Point of Contact
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Email address
  • DUNS Number
  • Tax ID Number
  • Cage Code
  • Business Size Category (large, small, small disadvantaged, etc.)
  • Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Contract Number & Special Item Number (SIN) – If applicable.


Detailed summary of the company’s capabilities in regards to the draft requirements document.

Contact/Submission Information

The capability statement shall be between one and 10 pages. Interested vendors are also encouraged to provide comments on the government’s draft requirements document.

At this time, questions concerning the composition and requirements for a future RFP will not be accepted. E-mail responses to this sources sought/RFI notice to Contract Specialist, Alicia Jones at alicia.l.jones@usdoj.gov by10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Friday, August 28, 2020.

Please reference “Destruction Services by Incineration – DEA PHOENIX DIVISION” in the subject line of the responses

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