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CISA, FBI Alert Warns of Vishing Campaign

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have issued an alert to warn of a voice phishing (vishing) campaign targeting the employees of multiple organizations.  In the vishing attacks, adversaries were...

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FBI Warns of HTTPS Abuse in Phishing Campaigns

Malicious actors are abusing users’ trust in the HTTPS protocol to launch phishing campaigns.  Modern browsers mark websites that use the protocol with a lock icon to indicate that browser traffic is encrypted and that attackers can’t access the data in transit. More...

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FBI Warns of Spoofed FBI-Related Domains

The agency states that “unattributed cyber actors” are registering domains designed to spoof legitimate websites pertaining to the FBI, “indicating the potential for future operational activity.”  In addition to spoofed domains, state-sponsored actors and...

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Data Backup Practices Can Thwart Ransomware

In May of 2020 Spectra Logic, a Bolder Colorado based data storage and data management solutions experienced a ransomware attack while in the process of moving to remote work.  The attack was made by one of the more active ransomware malware that encrypted a...

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