3 Scope of Work

Work includes, but is not limited to:

A. Design of new slat wall console system. Design must proceed through phases, with 45%, 70%, and 100% design submittals and review.
B. Work with FAA personnel to develop installation and transition plan in order to mitigate risks and outages to air traffic operations. Sample transition plan is provided for reference. Transition plan will dictate installation schedule.
C. Demolition of existing perimeter consoles.
D. Fabrication and installation of new perimeter slat wall consoles, mounts, miscellaneous and accessories. All consoles shall be secured per the IBC for seismic design (Assume I factor of 1.5)
E. Replacement of ESD carpet in cab area
F. Replacement of convenience sink, counters, cubbies, and millwork in cab
G. Temporarily move outlets, jacks, and plugmolds that may interfere with slatwall installation (See electrical plans). Reinstall twistlock receptacles in new slatwall consoles. Reuse existing conduits to provide power for new consoles. Convert straight plug receptacles to twist lock receptacles.
H. Provide twist lock power strips for equipment power. Must provide enough receptacles for all equipment.
I. Provide dedicated circuit and receptacle for refrigerator in cab galley area
J. Replace light/dimmer switches in cab with new switches and reinstall on new slatwall.
K. Relocate existing ground plates to new consoles. Connect new consoles to ground plates. Replace current single lug grounding connections with double lug connections.
L. Mount cab shade pulleys and hardware currently mounted on old consoles to new slat wall locations.
M. Providing temporary power outlets for transition/installation.
N. Provide Electronic copies of shop drawings and plans. Drawings and plans must be in DWG format.