CL21250002 Sources Sought

This is not a solicitation announcement. A Sources Sought Notice provides an opportunity to gain knowledge of any potential qualified sources of supply to meet the DoD needs for:

National Stock Numbers (NSNs):

5340009435301 CATCH,FLUSH,

5340011548567 CATCH,CLAMPING

Please review the Market Research Spreadsheet (which is included in this posting) for the NSN required and provide any sources  that may be able to manufacture these items. The only approved source for this NSN currently is listed on the Market Research Spreadsheet.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The resultant solicitation will be issued as either a Commercial (FAR Part 12) or Non- Commercial (FAR Part 15) procurement. For a commercial determination of an item, a supplier should provide the types of documentation specified in the Market Survey questionnaire. Based on that documentation, the government will determine if items are commercial per the definition found at FAR 2.101(b). It is the supplier's responsibility to provide the data which will assist the Contracting

 Officer with commercial determination. If an item has already been determined commercial, please  advise.  Proof of commerciality should be submitted with the market research package. 

Without adequate proof of commerciality, the acquisition will be solicited as a Non- Commercial (FAR Part 15) procurement; which may require Certified Cost or Pricing Data.

NOTE: This sources sought notice is NOT a request for quote or proposal (RFQ/RFQ).

All information may be submitted to the Acquisition Specialist Katrina Newman at

This information must be provided by the response date of this notice.