B57_SUNCAT_Plumbing_Specialty_Gas_Lines – Sources Sought – SUNCAT Lab Fit-Out Project. Plumbing. Stainless steel specialty gas lines.

Oct 13, 2020 | Sources Sought

The SUNCAT Lab Fit-out consists of installing multiple ¼” 316 stainless steel specialty gas lines (120 psi and 1600psi working pressures) between various gas canisters and gas cabinets located within the lab and adjacent corridor to pre-plumbed fume hoods and exhausted enclosures.  There are eight different gases that will be used in this lab.  The project also requires providing point exhaust to two gas cabinets and a work surface.  The gas cabinets will also require fire sprinklers and connection to the fire alarm system. 

ROM: $150K-$250K

Interested offerors must be qualified as follows:

1. Experienced in installation of laboratory process and specialty piping

2. Local presence within 50 miles

3. Previous DOE or National Lab experience preferred

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