8WA2490-Lynnwood – Sources Sought – Expressions of Interest

Sep 9, 2020 | Sources Sought

General Services Administration (GSA) seeks to lease the following space in one of the delineated areas listed below:

Project No.





Lynnwood, WA

Delineated Area:

Lynnwood, WA, bounded as follows:

  1. North: 148th Street SW
  2. South: North 205th Street to Edmonds Way
  3. East: Highway 525 to  I-5
  4. West: Highway 99

Space Type:


Minimum Sq. Ft. (ABOA/Rentable):


Maximum Sq. Ft. (ABOA/Rentable):


Full Term:

Up to 20 Years

Firm Term:

15 Years

Additional Requirements:

  • All contiguous space
  • Allows for efficient layout and office workflow
  • Regular column spacing of sufficient distance to support effective design
  • Architectural features do not cause inefficient use of space
  • SSA reserves the right to prepare test fits prior to lease award to confirm the adequacy and layout efficiency of space offered
  • Visible or easily located from a primary or secondary street
  • If on high-traffic roadway or multi-lane thoroughfare, traffic signals within two blocks to provide safe access
  • Public transportation routes/stops (if available in the area) within the equivalent of two city blocks
  • Adequate parking within two blocks
  • Sufficient parking for disabled persons consistent with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and in consideration of customer needs

Action: Choose whether or not a fully serviced lease is required.  Also choose 100 year floodplain unless requirement is identified by agency as a critical action.

The U.S. Government currently occupies office and related space in a building under a lease in [City, State], that will be expiring.  The Government is considering alternative space if economically advantageous.  In making this determination, the Government will consider, among other things, the availability of alternative space that potentially can satisfy the Government’s requirements, as well as costs likely to be incurred through relocating, such as physical move costs, replication of tenant improvements and telecommunication infrastructure, and non-productive agency downtime.

Expressions of interest must include the following information:

  • Building name and address and location of the available space within the building;
  • Rentable square feet available and expected rental rate per rentable square foot, fully serviced;
  • ANSI/BOMA office area-(ABOA) square feet to be offered and expected rental rate per ABOA square foot, fully serviced. Indicate whether the quoted rental rate includes an amount for tenant improvements and state the amount (if any);
  • Date of space availability;
  • Building ownership information;
  • Amount of parking available on-site and its cost. Include whether expected rental rate includes the cost of the required Government parking (if any);
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy features existing within the building; and
  • List of building services provided.

Action: For FBO postings, delete “offers due;” for procurement summary, keep “offers due” and delete “(estimated)” from dates.

Expressions of Interest Due:

September 22, 2020


Not later than 11/10/2021

Send Expressions of Interest to:


Hilda Gonzalez,  Lease Contracting Officer

Email Address:


Government Contact

Lease Contracting Officer

Hilda Gonzalez

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