75N95020Q00247 – Sources Sought – MaxTwo High-Density Microelectrode Array (HD-MEA) System Purchase

Aug 11, 2020 | Sources Sought

Purpose and Objectives: The purpose of this procurement is the acquisition of a MaxTwo High-Density Microelectrode Array (HD-MEA) System for use by the Stem Cell Translation Laboratory (SCTL).

Project requirements:

    • MaxTwo System
    • MaxTwo 24-Well Option
    • MaxTwo 24-Well-Plate Starter Package
    • Recording PC
    • Online training
    • MaxLab Live ActivityMap Assay
    • MaxLab Live NetworkConnectivity Assay
    • MaxLab Live AxonTracking Assay
    • MaxLab Live Stimulation Assay
    • Digital Gas Mixing System
    • MaxTwo System Maintenance Plan – 1 Year

Salient Characteristics:

  • Touchscreen interface
  • CMOS-based microelectrode array with 26,400 electrodes
  • 26,400 platinum electrodes (9.3×5.45 μm2)
  • Switch-matrix technology for flexible array reconfiguration
  • 3.85×2.10 mm2 sensor area
  • 1024 recording channels
  • 20 kHz sampling rate, 10 bit resolution
  • Programmable total gain up to 78 dB
  • Low noise
  • Records action potentials and local field potentials
  • 32 stimulation units, flexible pattern generation
  • Up to ± 1.6 V / ± 1.5 mA
  • 2 nA amplitude resolution
  • 2 μs time resolution
  • Acquisition and analysis software for MaxTwo
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Online bandpass filtering, spike detection, and visualization of all 1024 channels
  • Save raw data as well as spike events in standard compliant HDF5 file format
  • Data post-processing
  • Matlab® and Python™ toolboxes for data loading and visualization

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