75H70421R00001 – Sources Sought – IHS A-123 Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) Support Services

Sep 12, 2020 | Sources Sought


This is a Sources Sought Notice. This is NOT a solicitation for proposals, or quotations. The purpose of this notice is to obtain information regarding the availability and capability of qualified small / other than small Indian-Owned Firms (25 USC 47) and small businesses (FAR Part 19) that are capable of providing services for the IHS A-123 Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) Support Services . Your responses to the information requested will assist the Government in determining the appropriate acquisition strategy.


The Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) requires the head of each agency to conduct an annual evaluation of its internal controls and financial management systems. The requirements of FMFIA serve as an umbrella under which related management control assessments and reviews should be coordinated and considered to support management’s assurances on the effectiveness of internal control. Risk management practices must be taken into account when designing internal controls and assessing their effectiveness. Annually, agencies must develop a risk profile coordinated with their annual strategic re-views.  Further, management must provide assurances on internal control effectiveness in its Agency Financial Report (AFR) or the Performance and Accountability Report (PAR). Information regarding identified material weaknesses and corrective actions should be included in any of the three preceding reports.

Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular No. A-123 (revised 2016) requires agencies to integrate risk management and internal control functions. The Circular establishes an assessment process based on the Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government known as the Green Book) that management must implement in order to properly assess and improve internal controls over operations, reporting, and compliance. The primary compliance indicators that management must consider when implementing OMB Circular No. A-123, include:

  • Management is responsible for the establishment of a governance structure to effectively implement, direct and oversee implementation of the Circular and all the provisions of a robust process of risk management and internal control.
  • Implementation of the Circular should leverage existing offices or functions within the organization that currently monitor risks and the effectiveness of the organization’s internal control.
  • Agencies must continuously build risk identification capabilities into their Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework to identify new or emerging risks, and/or changes in existing risks.
  • Management must evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls annually using GAO’s Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government


As the FMFIA program evolves and matures, this project calls for more advanced strategies, tools and resources that possess a deeper understanding of FMFIA/FFMIA requirements, and the institutional knowledge to support management control programs more efficiently and effectively.  IHS needs a contractor with proven qualifications and capabilities with efficient, workable, and tailored solutions to provide value-added services for the IHS’ core mission and operations.  IHS is seeking contract sources who have demonstrated experience in leading programs in similar scope, size, complexity and magnitude to the activities being performed, particularly, as they are related to financial management controls assessment, enterprise risk management, risk-based data analytics, and assessing fraud risk in a decentralized healthcare environment.

The capability statement shall sufficiently address how the responder’s support services will be delivered for the proposed contract scope. The qualifying response for this notice must ensure that the offeror has the experience and capacity to take part in this specific type of requirement.

In particular, the responders SHALL address each of the following information:

  • Contractor’s past performance information that is relevant to this requirement.
  • Contractor’s capability to provide Enterprise Risk Management support services for the agency’s Financial Management, Internal Controls¸ Performance Management, Procurement, Human Capital Management, IT Operations, etc.  The submission must describe the contractor’s risk management methodology to be employed to assess risks for a large, decentralized organization and develop risk response and mitigation plans at an entity/enterprise level of performance to promote improved outcomes. The response shall be tailored to consider the Agency’s mission and organizational structure of IHS (www.ihs.gov/aboutihs/organizationalstructure/).
  • Contractor’s methodology to provide FMFIA & FFMIA Assessment. The contractor is to assess internal controls over financial reporting and other related activities.
  • Contractor’s experience and knowledge in Internal Control Remediation and Improvement support services. The submission must include the contractor’s approach to provide policy analysis, risk-based data analytics, and corrective action analysis and advice.
  • The contractor’s methodology to provide fraud risk assessment and guidance in building an organizational framework for enhancing detective controls and related policies.
  • Overview of contractor staff qualifications/certifications, and contractor’s method and capability to pull resources and/or hire new staff in timely manner to accommodate special project needs for various risk areas.


All capable parties are encouraged to respond. Responses must directly demonstrate the company’s capability, experience, and ability to marshal resources to effectively and efficiently perform the objectives described above. Generic capability statements are not sufficient and will not be considered compliant with the requirements of this notice.

The Government requests interested parties submit a written response to this notice which includes:

a. Company point of contact, mailing address, and telephone number(s), and website address

b. If any, existing contract solutions by the company such as – Federal Supply Schedules contract, or any other procurement instruments intended for use by multiple agencies, e.g., Best in Class (BIC) contracts.

c. DUNS and socio-economic category of the company.

Disclaimer and Important Notes. This notice shall not obligate the Government to award contract. Any information provided by industry to the Government as a result of this sources sought synopsis is strictly voluntary. Responses will not be returned. No entitlements to payment of direct or indirect costs or charges to the Government will arise as a result of contractor submission of responses, or the Government’s use of such information or otherwise pay for the information provided in response. The Government reserves the right to use information provided by respondents for any purpose deemed necessary and legally appropriate. Any organization responding to this notice should ensure that its response is complete and sufficiently detailed to allow the Government to determine the organization’s qualifications to perform the work. Respondents are advised that the Government is under no obligation to acknowledge receipt of the information received or provide feedback to respondents with respect to any information submitted. After a review of the responses received, a pre-solicitation synopsis and solicitation may be published on a government GPE. Furthermore, responses to this notice will not be considered adequate responses to a solicitation.

Confidentiality. No proprietary, classified, confidential, or sensitive information should be included in your response. The Government reserves the right to use any non-proprietary technical information in any resultant solicitation(s).  Responses must be submitted via email to Crystal.Showell@ihs.gov and Paul.Premoe@ihs.gov, no later than 12:00pm EST on October 9, 2020. 

Capability statements will not be accepted after the due date. The maximum number of pages for this submission is ten (10) pages.

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