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Mar 20, 2021 | Sources Sought


Aviation Training Program (Helo Hoisting Services)

Coast Guard Sector / Air Station Corpus Christi

This is a SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE; not a pre-solicitation notice or solicitation for proposals/ quotations. Pursuant to FAR Part 10 (Market Research), the purpose of this notice is to: (1) determine if sources capable of satisfying the agency's requirements exists, (2) determine if commercial items suitable to meet the agency's needs are available or could be modified to meet the agency's requirements, and (3) determine the commercial practices of company's engaged in providing the needed service or supply. Pursuant to FAR Part 6 and FAR Part 19, competition and set-aside decisions may be based on the results of this market research. This notice in no way obligates the Government to any further action.

REQUIREMENT: This notice is issued by the U.S. Coast Guard, Base Procurement and Contracting, New Orleans, La to identify sources capable of providing the following:

(Subject to change at the discretion of the Government). Contractor shall provide a vessel and all necessary management supervision, personnel, labor materials, fuel and equipment required for supporting Fixed wing aerial delivery and helicopter crew hoists, rescue swimmer operations, and any aerial delivered material used to fulfill the Air Station’s training requirements.

SCOPE OF WORK: The below was taken from the SOW and intended to provide a general description of this requirement.

• Area of Operations: The area of operations will be mutually agreed upon by both parties. In general, the area of operations will be located east of the barrier islands in the vicinity of Port Aransas, south of the commercial vessel anchorage area within an area bounded to the north by the southern end of Matagorda Island and to the south by Mustang Island State Park. The majority of helicopter and fixed-wing operations will be conducted no closer than two (2) miles from shore and no further than 10 miles from shore.

• For the purposes of this contract, the normal schedule week will be Monday through Sunday. Typically, events will be scheduled from Monday through Friday from 6:00AM and 11:00PM local time, but may also be scheduled on the weekend. The schedule will be made available to the contractor by close of business (COB) on Friday of the preceding week. Due to the dynamic nature of scheduling aircraft training events, times and days may be adjusted on a day-to-day basis; the Coast Guard Air Operations scheduler(s) will provide specific times and geographical coordinates for operations a minimum of 24 hours in advance. No later than one hour prior to departure for any training event, the contractor will contact the Sector / Air Station Command Center, (361) 939-0450, to confirm that the training event is still proceeding as scheduled. The contractor is required to be at the designated area of operations within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled time. Typically, the contractor will be required to provide services 1-2 days per week. Additional training periods may be conducted at greater frequency to accommodate surge training requirements on a schedule mutually agreed upon by both parties. Operations will typically be conducted for on-scene periods of two and one half (2.5) hours, extendable hourly by the Coast Guard, not to exceed a total of six (6) hours. The contractor shall be responsible for advising Coast Guard aircrews when the operations are approaching the 2.5 hour mark and, if applicable, the maximum six (6) hour mark. There will be weeks where higher or lower than average underway time is requested depending on aircrew training needs. These fluctuations can often be predicted and will be provided to the contractor for planning purposes if available. The contractor boat crew(s) shall have a minimum twelve (12) hour rest period between consecutive training days.

• Helicopter Hoist and Fixed-Wing Aerial Delivery Training Vessel Description: The contracted training vessel for helicopter hoisting and fixed-wing aerial delivery training shall have the following characteristics:

• Be no shorter than 34 feet, and no longer than 65 feet.

• Have a beam of no less than 10 feet.

• Have a gross weight of at least 8 tons.

• Have a minimum draft of 4 feet – an extremely shallow draft vessel is undesirable due to drift characteristics when subjected to helicopter rotor downwash.

• Have no permanent structures protruding higher than 20 feet above the water line which cannot be quickly stowed (e.g. antennas).

• Have a minimum deck area of 58 square feet on the aft portion of the vessel (fantail) to allow crewmembers to safely conduct training (personnel or equipment hoisting and aerial delivery operations). The deck area must be clear of all obstructions.

• Have a minimum required speed of 0 knots or “dead in the water.”

• Be capable of maintaining a heading of +/- 10 degrees at a speed of between 5-10 knots while operating under a helicopter producing 90 knots of rotor down wash in varying winds and sea states.

• Be capable of receiving two sets of aerially deployed gear. A single set of gear includes an ASRK (3 bags, 700ft of polypropylene line, Dimensions: 42” L x 14” D) and an ADS can (430ft of polypropylene/manila line, 12ft parachute, Dimensions: 20” H x 20” L x 18” W, Weight: 59 lbs).

In addition, the vessel(s) must also possess the following characteristics regardless of the training evolution:

• Be capable of recovering personnel or floating equipment from the water.

• Be capable of maintaining at least a 10 knot transit speed for a minimum of 3 hours (15 knots for 3 hours is desired).

Vessel Equipment: The vessel shall have, at a minimum, all equipment required by law including but not limited to the following:

• Fathometer

• Radar

• VHF-FM multiple frequency capable, 2-way marine radio with specified frequencies/channels (13, 16, 21, 22, 23, 81, 83) and with a minimum range of 20 NM

• Cellular phone for secondary communication with the Coast Guard Command Center


• Long-distance, high-beam searchlight (hand-held or fixed)

• A radio headset or equivalent device/technique that would allow the operator to hear radio communications between the aircraft and the vessel while a helicopter is directly overhead

• Safety Equipment: The vessel shall be outfitted with a contractor-furnished first aid kit and approved Type III personal flotation devices for crew and passengers. The contractor shall provide helmets, gloves, goggles, and hearing/ear protection for use by crew members during helicopter hoisting operations. Anticipate that static electricity from the helicopter will be encountered. The vessel shall demonstrate the means to dissipate static electrical charges through a grounding wand to the water or the vessel. The contractor shall operate and maintain the vessel, as well as all vessel equipment, in accordance with the original equipment manufacturer’s technical manuals and specifications, Coast Guard regulations, and any applicable Federal, State, and local regulations. The contractor shall instruct the Government of any hazards or unsafe conditions as they embark or disembark the vessel(s). The contractor shall report all incidents in which there is any injury to personnel or damage to Government’s property to the COTR and Contracting Officer within two (2) hours of any incident.

• Required Docking/Mooring Facilities: The contractor will be responsible for providing docking/mooring facilities for their vessel. The vessel shall be located within a one-hour transit time from the geographical areas of operation.

• Vessel Maintenance: The contractor shall operate and maintain the vessel, all equipment and systems in accordance with the original equipment manufacturer's technical manuals and specifications, United States Coast Guard regulations, and any applicable federal, state, and/or local regulations.

ANTICIPATED CONTRACT VEHICLE: The anticipated contract vehicle will be a Requirements Contract with fixed-unit prices; individual task orders would be issued pursuant to the Requirements Contract if services are required. (Subject to change at the discretion of the Government)

ANTICIPATED PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: The period of performance is anticipated to be June 1, 2021 thru May 31, 2022 (Subject to change at the discretion of the Government).

ANTICIPATED NAICS CODE/SIZE STANDARD: The applicable NAICS Code is 488390, Other Support Activities for Water Transportation and the size standard is $41.5 million.

SAM: Business agencies must register a business profile with the System for Award Management (SAM). If you are not registered, you may request an application at (866) 606-8220 or through the SAM website at http://www.sam.gov.

SUBMISSION: Companies having capabilities necessary to meet or exceed the stated requirements are invited to provide information to contribute to this sources sought notice including commercial market information and company information. Companies may respond to this Sources Sought Notice with the following information/ documentation via e-mail to:

Jamy Pickett, Contract Specialist


Monday, Apr 19, 2021, NLT 12:00 PM ET

1. Capabilities Statement

2. Name of Company, Mailing Address and DUNS Number

3. Point of Contact and Phone Number

4. Business Size applicable to the NAICS Code: 8(a) Small Business; HubZone Small Business; Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB); Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB); ED Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB); Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB); Small Business (SB); Large Business.

5. Past Performance: Past performance information should include recent and relevant contracts for like or similar items and other references including contract numbers, points of contact with telephone numbers and other relevant information. Interested parties are asked to furnish this information for at least three (3) contracts, ongoing or completed within the last three (3) years, for like or similar services, held with the USCG, other Government agencies or private industry.

DISCLAIMER AND IMPORTANT NOTES: This Sources Sought Notice is for market research purposes only and does not constitute a Request for Proposal/Quotation; and, it is not considered to be a

commitment by the Government to award a contract. The Government will incur no obligations or liabilities to anyone for any costs or expenses incurred by the respondent in responding to this Sources Sought. Not responding to this request does not preclude participation in any future RFQ.

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