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Oct 31, 2020 | Sources Sought


THIS NOTICE IS BEING ISSUED TO DETERMINE IF THERE IS SUFFICIENT  INTEREST FROM QUALIFIED PRIME CONTRACTORS who are Small Businesses, HUBZone small businesses, Woman owned small business concerns, 8(a) small businesses, or Service disabled veteran-owned small businesses and who intend to submit a bid for this solicitation to allow for a set-aside in one of these programs MUST submit the following by e-mail to CFLAcquisitions@dot.gov or by telefax to 720-963-3360 (Attn:  Jorey Deml) for receipt by close of business (2 p.m. local Denver time) on November 13, 2020: 

(1) A positive statement of your intention to submit a bid for this solicitation as a Prime Contractor;

(2) A copy of the letter from SBA stating date of HUBZone small business certification or acceptance to the 8(a) small business program.  In the case of a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Concern, you must provide proof of eligibility (DD form 214 or a letter of adjudication from the Veterans Administration).  This information must be provided in order to determine eligibility – DO NOT SEND COPIES OF YOUR SAM  PROFILE;

(3) Letter from bonding agent stating your firm’s capability to bond for a single project of $5.5 million , and your firm’s aggregate bonding capacity; and

(4) Provide a list of road construction projects of equal or greater value in which you performed (as the prime contractor) roadway construction work that included asphalt paving, rock excavation (blasting), rock removal (scaling) and rockfall protection.  State whether your firm was the prime contract or subcontractor on the project.  DO NOT SEND INFORMATION ON PROJECTS THAT DO NOT INCLUDE THE ABOVE WORK.  THE PRIME CONTRACTOR MUST DEMONSTRATE PRIOR EXPERIENCE WITH THE ACITIVITIES LISTED IN THIS PARAGRAPH.

The size of a small business firm includes all parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, etc.  Refer to the Code of Federal Regulations 13 CFR 121.103 for information on how the SBA determines affiliation and 13 CFR 121.108 regarding the penalties for misrepresentation of size status.  All firms should be certified in the All firms should be certified in the System for Award Management (SAM) located at https://www.sam.gov/

A Qualified HUBZone SBC receiving a HUBZone contract for general construction must spend at least 50% of the cost of the contract incurred for personnel on its own employees or employees of other qualified HUBZone SBCs.  This requirement may be met by expending at least 50% of the cost of the contract incurred for personnel on its employees or it may subcontract at least 35% of the cost of the contract performance incurred for personnel to one or more qualified HUBZone SBCs.  A qualified HUBZone SBC prime contractor may not, however, subcontract more than 50% of the cost of the contract incurred for personnel to non-qualified HUBZone SBCs.

PROJECT DETAILS: CO FTBR Crystal Dam(1) East Portal Access Road

The East Portal Access Road is located in Montrose County, Colorado.  The road begins at the intersection with State Highway 347 at the entrance station to the Black Canyon National Park about 6 miles north of US-50. The road continues for 6.85 miles to the northeast where it terminates at the gate to the Crystal Dam facilities road.  The Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) maintains the road for access to its Crystal Dam and Power Plant and to the recreational facilities along the Gunnison River.  The 21-foot wide road was originally constructed in 1973 and has had no major maintenance projects other than a chipseal done in 2015.   The roadway pavement is generally in fair to poor condition. The road has been segmented into three sections based on priority and condition.  The upper section from mileposts 0.0 to 2.2, the middle section from mileposts 2.2 to 5.3 and the lower section from mileposts 5.3 to 6.8.   The middle section is characterized by steep grades of up to 16%, tall rock cuts (with rockfall problems), poor geometrics, and poor pavement conditions.  The focus of the project will be the first 5.3 miles.

The scope of the project would be to pulverize and overlay the pavement 5 miles and reconstruct 0.3 miles.  The major items of work will include paving, rock excavation (blasting) and rock removal (scaling), rockfall protection, cleaning the ditches and culverts, and full depth reclamation and paving.


Schedule A:

  • 20401-0000 Roadway Excavation: 14,500 CUYD
  • 26001-0000 Rock Bolt: 200 LNFT
  • 26002-000 Rock Dowel: 100 LNFT
  • 30202-2000 Roadway Aggregate, Method 2: 3,500 TON
  • 30401-5500 Full Depth Reclamation, Method 2, 8-Inch Depth: 4.890 Mile
  • 40101-5600 Asphalt Concrete Pavement, Gyratory Mix, ½-Inch or ¾-Inch Nominal Maximum Size Aggregate, 0.3 to <3 Million ESAL: 30,000 TON: 11,500 TON
  • 623032-0100 Special Labor, Slope Scaling: 150 Hours
  • 63401-0300 Pavement Markings, Type B, Solid (White): 110,000 LNFT
  • 63401-0300 Pavement Markings, Type B, Solid (Double Yellow): 110,000 LNFT
  • 65101-1000 Draped Rockfall Protection, Wire Mesh: 2,250 SQYD
  • 65101-2000 Draped Rockfall Protection, Cable Net: 5,000 SQYD

Anticipated Schedule

The anticipated advertisement date is December/January 2020.  Construction is anticipated from March 2021 to November 2021.


The estimated cost range is between $4.5 million and $5.5 million.

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