697DCK_5_FAA_Locations – Sources Sought – Elevator modernization and preventive service maintenance at five (5) FAA facilities

Sep 26, 2020 | Sources Sought

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is seeking competent and qualified elevator modernization and maintenance contractors interested in providing offers for elevator modernization and full service maintenance requirements to improve elevator reliability within the agency. This elevator modernization and subsequent full-service maintenance requirement is at the following locations:

  1. Air Traffic Control Tower in Chesterfield, MO (SUS ATCT)
  2. Air Traffic Control Tower in Springfield, MO (SPI ATCT)
  3. Air Traffic Control Tower in Fayetteville, AR (FYV ATCT)
  4. Air Traffic Control Tower in Fort Worth, TX (FTW ATCT)
  5. Terminal Radar Approach Control in Fort Worth, TX (D10B TRACON)

This is NOT a Screening Information Request (SIR) or Request for Proposal (RFP). See Section II for documentation required to be submitted and evaluated to determine which vendors receive the solicitation.


The contractor will be required to provide all labor, supervision, materials, supplies, and equipment to perform this work in accordance with the Performance Work Statement (PWS) and with all local, state, and federal laws. The Government does not anticipate changes to the PWS at this time, but may do so as deemed necessary by the Government. This is not a Screening Information Request (SIR) or Request for Proposal (RFP).

Work will be done on an operational facility and the contractor shall comply with all procedures, rules and regulations of the facility authorities including limitations on equipment, allowable work hours, and other issues to ensure uninterrupted air traffic control operations.

  1. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is 238290, Other Building Equipment Contractors. The small business size standard is $16.5 million.
  2. The project magnitude for this award is between $1,000,000.00 and $5,000,000.00.
  3. A site visit will be provided. The date, time, location, and point of contact will be provided with the solicitation package.
  4. The contractor receiving award is expected to perform at least 25% of the work utilizing their own employees.
  5. Contractors must have an active registration in System Award Management (SAM) before award can be made. Contractors can register at www.sam.gov/.


  1. Complete and return the Security Notice to Prospective Offerors (Attachment No. 1)
  2. Using the Past Experience-History form (Attachment No. 2), provide a listing of at least three (3) elevator modernization projects/contracts completed at CRITICAL FACILITIES*, in the past three (3) years, with contract values of at least $250,000. The offerors must have completed these modernization projects and must have performed the work as the prime contractor.

*See Section IV-Definitions.

The information provided may also be used as part of the responsibility determination. Responses must be emailed to elisha.distler@faa.gov, no later than 5:00pm CST on 10/09/20. Please place “Attention: SUS, SPI, FVY, FTW, D10B Elevator Modernization Go/No-Go Submission- [offeror company name]” in the subject line of your email. Requests received after this date and time may or may not be honored. Failure to submit all required information may or may not deem the request for solicitation as non-responsive.



Criteria “Go” Rating Standard (Standard is Met)

    • Sensitive Security Information Form – Submitted a completed and signed Sensitive Security Information Form (Attachment No. 1.)
    • Past Experience-History Information – Provided the completed Past Experience Form (Attachment No. 2), provide a listing of at least three (3) completed elevator modernization projects/contracts, as the prime contractor, at CRITICAL FACILITIES, in the past three (3) years, with contract values of at least $250,000.*
      *See Section IV-Definitions.
      The information may be used as part of the responsibility determination.
      Those offerors receiving “Go” Ratings on both criteria will be issued a solicitation.
      Completed: A contract/project will be considered complete if over 90% of the modernization portion of the contract/project is completed. The percentage of completion will be established by the customer/end user and not the offeror.
      Critical Facilities: Critical Facilities are those in which activities are performed which cannot be disrupted without at least a mild probability of endangerment or loss of human life.
      Critical Facility Examples:
      Federal Aviation Administration Airport Traffic Control Towers – Critical Facilities which provide Air Traffic Control. LOSS OF HUMAN LIFE MAY RESULT FROM SERVICE INTERRUPTION.
      Hospitals – Critical Facilities which provide life support care. LOSS OF HUMAN LIFE MAY RESULT FROM SERVICE INTERRUPTION.
      Other NON-Specified- Critical Facilities to include (but not limited to) such as Police/Fire Stations, Storage and Archive of Critical Records, Chemical, or Nuclear or Biological Repositories. SEVICE INTERUPTION WILL LIKELY CAUSE AT LEAST A MILD PROBABILITY OF ENDANGERMENT OR LOSS OF HUMAN LIFE.
      Non-Critical Facility Examples
      Hotels, Commercial Office Buildings, Retail Stores, etc. – facilities where interruption of service does not create at least a mild probability of endangerment or loss of human life.
      The solicitation(s) resulting from this synopsis shall use a tradeoff evaluation in determining the successful offerors. Proposals will be evaluated and award made on the basis of both Non-price and Price considerations most advantageous to the Government. Non-price factors will be considered significantly more important than Price factors. All three Non-price factors (Past Performance, Modernization Approach, and Maintenance Capability) will be considered equally important.
      *** Any Offerors desiring to be held in consideration to receive a copy of the solicitation, and by extension, to be held in consideration for contract award, MUST respond to this Sources Sought announcement by the deadline specified.
      “This Notice is for informational purposes for Minority, Women-Owned and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises: The Department of Transportation (DOT), Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, has a program to assist small businesses, small businesses owned and controlled by a socially and economically disadvantaged individuals, and women-owned concerns to acquire short- term working capital assistance for transportation-related contracts. Loans are available under the DOT Short Term Lending Program (STLP) at prime interest rates to provide accounts receivable financing. The maximum line of credit is $750,000. For further information and applicable forms concerning the STLP, call the OSDBU at (800) 532-1169.”

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