1.  Introduction / Purpose

This market survey is seeking sources for information ONLY, to be used for preliminary planning purposes. This announcement is not a Request for Proposal (RFP) and should not be construed as such. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is conducting this market survey to determine if there are commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions available to extend the existing capabilities of the FAA Acquisition System Toolset (FAST).

2.  Background

The Acquisition Management System (AMS) establishes policy and guidance for all aspects of the FAA’s acquisition lifecycle and defines how the agency manages its funding, staff, and assets to fulfill its mission. The FAST website (https://fast.faa.gov) is the repository and authoritative source for all acquisition policy, contract clauses, forms, guidance, templates, and support services for the lifecycle governing Facilities and Equipment (F & E) funded capital investment and assets, as well as Operations Support Pathway and mission support. Its contents impact the daily operations of several stakeholders, including program offices, governance organizations, and approval authorities such as the Acquisition Executive Board (AEB), Acquisition System Advisory Group (ASAG), FAA Acquisition Executive (FAE), and field offices.

The current process to revise and maintain documents in FAST and AMS content is time-intensive, cumbersome and inefficient. It is further exacerbated by issues with an aging platform, internal servers and customer support services. While the AMS has enabled the FAA to reduce analysis time, improve schedule and cost variances and delivery of capabilities to the field, challenges with the current AMS and FAST website revision process have denied FAA the ability to fully capitalize on the fundamental benefit of its framework: the flexibility to change.

FAA proposes modernization of the FAST website to replace the manual update process with a solution that allows for the development of documents in a hierarchical structure, including ability to enable complex workflows to track, manage and approve content, while also modernizing the underlying foundation of the website through a cloud-base storage solution.


THIS IS NOT A SCREENING INFORMATION REQUEST (SIR).  The FAA is not seeking or accepting unsolicited proposals. THIS IS FOR INFORMATION AND PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY, and is not to be construed as a commitment by the FAA, implied or otherwise, to issue a SIR or award a contract nor does the FAA intend to pay for any information submitted as a result of this Market Survey. The FAA does not reimburse expenses incurred for responses to this Market Survey. Therefore, any cost associated with the Market Survey submission is solely at the interested vendor’s expense.  Companies are encouraged to respond if they have the capability and/or capacity to provide the services as outlined above and within the draft Statement of Work (SOW). No SIR exists currently. If a SIR is issued, it will be announced on the Beta System of Award Management (SAM) website at, www.beta.sam.gov. It is the Offeror’s responsibility to monitor this site for the release of the solicitation.

Please review all attachments to this Sources Sought notification and submit your responses and comments no later than noon December 16, 2021 via email to the point of contact below. The purpose of this request for information is to allow industry to provide input on a technical strategy for how you would meet FAA’s specific content and workflow requirements.

Please send your responses to the market survey to the following point of contacts via e-mail:

 Lasondia Chaney and Anna Bradley McBeth

Email To: Lasondia.R.Chaney@faa.gov; Anna.e-ctr.bradley.mcbeth@faa.gov