692M1521F00005 – Sources Sought – Market Survey: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Technologies For Airports

Sep 26, 2020 | Sources Sought

1.  Introduction/Purpose

The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Office of Airports’ Airport Technology Research and Development Branch (ATRD) has a requirement for support services in the following two task areas: (1) Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Detection and Mitigation Technologies/Systems and (2) UAS Airport Applications. Reference Attachment 1 – Draft Statement of Work (SOW). The period of performance of this effort will be five years.

2.  Incumbent Contractor

This requirement is currently being performed by General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) under contract DTFACT-15-D-00007.

3.  Nature of Competition

The acquisition strategy for the procurement has not been determined at this time; however, either an unrestricted competition or a set-aside will be chosen depending on the responses to the market survey. The FAA may award this effort under an existing contract vehicle and will utilize results of this Market Survey to determine if that is appropriate.

4.  Standard Language

This is not a Screening Information Request or Request for Proposals of any kind. The FAA is not seeking or accepting unsolicited proposals. The FAA will not pay for any information received or costs incurred  in preparing the response to the market survey. Any costs associated with the market survey submittal is solely at the interested vendor’s expense.

5. North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code

The NAICS Code for this procurement is expected to be 541330 – Engineering Services with a size standard of $16.5M.

6.  Submittal Requirements for Market Survey

Responses to this Market Survey should include the following elements and must be no longer than 10 pages:

(1) Corporate Experience & Technical Capabilities: Please provide relevant corporate experience and technical capabilities that demonstrate the ability to satisfy the requirements set forth in the attached draft SOW.

(2) Overview of Contractor’s UAS Platforms,  Pilots, and Flight Program: Please provide details of existing UAS platforms,  pilots, and an overview of their flight program that is capable of meeting the requirements and intent of the draft SOW. While the FAA does not have specific requirements for particular UAS models at this time, the FAA is interested in understanding contractors’ current capabilities and also understanding how adjustments to their flight program could be made to introduce new UAS platforms that may be needed to meet future requirements.

(3) Existing Acquisition Vehicles: Please indicate if your company can satisfy this requirement utilizing an existing contract vehicle. If so, please provide an appropriate point of contact and adequate details.

(4) Other Information: Please provide any other applicable information, any comments on the requirements or general feedback for the FAA’s consideration planning this acquisition.

7.  Delivery of Submittals

All responses to this Market Survey must be submitted by October 16, 2020 to Daniel Farrell, Contracting Officer, AAQ-620 at daniel.farrell@faa.gov. Please send any questions to daniel.farrell@faa.gov.

8.  Attachments

Attachment 1 – Draft Statement of Work

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