47PE0220R0003 – Sources Sought – Courts Alterations, Columbus Courthouse

Dec 19, 2019 | Sources Sought

This is an unofficial notice reqarding the change of the Proposal Due Date from 09/21/2020 @1:00PM (EST) to 09/24/2020 @3:00 PM.  The official Amendment 0005 document will be posted later today.  

Amendment 0004– A  SITE VISIT is now scheduled for 09/10/2020 @10:30-12:00PM and the proposal due date  changed from 09/16/2020 to 09/21/2020.  Two documents were revised with changes highlighted in bold red font; Reguest for Proposal and the SAT GC LPTA SOL R0003. IMPORTANT ! Only 2 people per company is allowed to attend the site visit and Masks are MANDATORY, no exception! 

Amendment 0003 – The purpose of this amendment is to extend the proposal due date from 08/28/2020 to 09/16/2020.  Amendment 0004 will be issued next week with a  SITE VISIT Date for this project. 

Amendment 0002 – The purpose of this amendment is to correct dates listed in the SAT GC LPTA document.  

NOTE: The Site Visit scheduled for 11/05/2020 has been cancelled. Review the details in Amendment 0001 


RFP Issue Date:     July 29, 2020

Proposal Due Date: August 28, 2020 /1:00 PM EST

Issued By: Wanda George-James, Contracting Officer

U.S. general Services Administration PBS, Acquisition Division  (4PQG) 77 Forsyth Street, Atlanta, GA 30303 (404)772-8075 (cell) wanda.george-james@gsa.gov

Reference Document: Purchase Request, EQ4PPG-20-0003

Solicitation #: 47PE0220R0003 

Project Title: Courts Alterations, Columbus Courthouse 

Location of Work: U.S. Post Office & Federal Courthouse 

Address:   120 12th Street ,  Columbus, GA 31901

Estimated Price Range: Between $250,000 and $500,000

Period of Performance: Design Phase – 60 Calendar Days (after NTP)

Construction Phase – 120 Calendar Days (after Design Phase)

Site Visit/ Pre-Bid Meeting: August 05, 2020  ( Tenative. subject to change)

  Time – 10:30 AM

 Place – Columbus, GA (address shown above)

POC – Shonda Piper-Cameron, GSA Project Manager

(404) 431-0121 (Cell): (404) 331-0847 (Office)

email: shonda.piper-cameron@gsa.gov

General Information

You are invited to submit a proposal for the performance of the above referenced work. The Statement of Work dated 07/22/2019 is included with  all other documents. 

Proposal   Submission:      You  are  requested to submit  your proposal   electronically to Tyrone McClain, email :tyrone.mcclain@gsa.gov on or before the proposal due date of August 28, 2020@ 1: 00PM (EST).

Request for Clarifications: All questions and requests for clarifications should be submitted in writing by  1:00  PM, August 12, 2020.        Please submit requests and inquiries to Wanda George-James, Contracting Officer  at wanda.george-james@gsa.gov and Contract Specialist, Tyrone McClain at tyrone.mcclain@gsa.gov.

Certificate of Insurance – Successful Offeror will be required to submit a Certificate of Insurance in accordance with FAR Clause 52.228.5 within 10 days of NTP.

Bid Guarantee: A Bid Guarantee in the amount of 20% of the Bid price not to exceed $3million  dollars is required and should be submitted along with the Offeror’s Proposal. Failure to furnish a bid guarantee in the proper form and amount, by the time set for receipt of proposals, may be cause for rejection of the proposal.

Performance and Payment Bonds (FAR 52.228-15) – The successful Offeror shall be required to provide a Performance and Payment Bond for this requirement. The amount of the Performance and Payment Bond shall be 100 percent of the agreed upon price. Submission of the Performance and Payment Bonds are required within ten (10) days of the award. The performance and payment Bonds shall provide for the full contract performance period plus a one-year period.

Liquidated Damages: Offeror will assessed $380.59 a day of liquidated damages for project completion delays.

Award:  The Government intends to award a firm fixed-price contract resulting from this solicitation (RFP) to the responsible Offeror whose proposal represents the best value from the selection of the technically acceptable proposal with the lowest evaluated price.

This request for proposal does not commit the Government to pay any cost incurred in the preparation or submission of a proposal.

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