Document Type: Combined Synopsis Solicitation
Solicitation Number: 36C78621Q0286
Post Date: 9/08/2021
Original Response Date: 9/15/2021 at 16:30 pm PST
Applicable NAICS: 325320
NAICS Size Standard: 1000 Employees
Classification Code: 6840
Set Aside Type: 100% SDVOSB Set-Aside
Delivery: 60 Days ARO

Issuing Contracting Office: Department of Veterans Affairs
National Cemetery Administration, Contract Services
1301 Clay Street, 1230 North
Oakland, CA 94612

Place of Performance: Willamette National Cemetery
11800 SE Mt Scott Blvd
Happy Valley, OR 97086

This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in Subpart 12.6 as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; quotes are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued. This solicitation is issued as a Request for Quote (RFQ), solicitation number 36C78621Q0286.

This solicitation incorporates provisions and clauses in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2021-06 Effective 12 July 2021.

This notice shall not be construed as a commitment by the Government to ultimately award a contract, nor does it restrict the Government to a particular acquisition approach.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration, anticipates the award of a purchase order with fixed quantities and firm fixed unit prices.


CLIN 0001
Unit Price
EST Total Price
Wisdom EZ Insecticide (25lb bags)

Responses to this Request for Quote (RFQ) are due to the Contracting Officer no later than 16:30 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) on 9/15/2021. All information submitted in response to this announcement is voluntary and the Government will not pay for information provided nor will it compensate any respondent for any cost incurred in developing information provided for the Government. Offerors are responsible for obtaining any and all amendments or additional information concerning this announcement at https://beta.sam.gov/ .

Quote Format and Submission Information:

Offers must be submitted on company letterhead. Commercial format is encouraged. All offerors shall include the following information as part of their quote:
Legal Business/Company Name (as listed in www.sam.gov)
DUNS Number
Point of Contact Name
Telephone number
Email Address

-Technical Package for Evaluation
Description of item/specs

Quotes shall be submitted via email to the following addresses:

Email: brian.trahan@va.gov

Evaluation Process:
The Government intends to award a Firm Fixed Price purchase order resulting from this solicitation to the responsible offeror whose offer conforming to the solicitation will be most advantageous to the Government, based on price alone. For evaluation purposes the lowest price will be determined by calculating the total price of Contract Line Item Numbers (CLIN) in order to determine a total amount. The following factors shall be used to evaluate offers on a lowest price basis in accordance with FAR 13.106-2(b):

Lowest Price
Technical Acceptability

The Government reserves the right to reject all quotes if doing so is in the best interest of the Government.
Solicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses
The full text of FAR/VAAR provisions or clauses may be accessed electronically at http://acquisition.gov/comp/far/index.html.

FAR 52.209-7 Information Regarding Responsibility Matters (Oct 2018)
FAR 52.212-1 Instructions to Offerors Commercial Items (Jun 2020)
FAR 52.212-2 Evaluation-Commercial Items (Oct 2014)
FAR 52.212-3 Offeror Representations and Certifications-Commercial Items (Jun 2020)
FAR 52.223-1 Biobased Product Certification (May 2012)
FAR 52.233-2 Service of Protest (Sept 2006)
VAAR 852.233-70 Protest Content /Alternative Dispute Resolution (Oct 2018)
VAAR 852.233-71 Alternate Protest Procedure (Oct 2018)
VAAR 852.270-1 Representatives of Contracting Officers (Jan 2008)

Offerors must complete annual representations and certifications on-line at http://orca.bpn.gov in accordance with FAR 52.212-3 Offerors Representations and Certifications Commercial Items. If paragraph (j) of the provision is applicable, a written submission is required.
The following solicitation clauses apply to this acquisition:
The clause at 52.212-4, Contract Terms and Conditions Commercial Items (Oct 2018) applies to this acquisition.

Addendum to FAR clause 52.212-4, Contract Terms and Conditions Commercial Items (Oct 2018):

FAR 52.203-16 Preventing Personal Conflicts of Interest (Jun 2020)
FAR 52.203-17 Contractor Employee Whistleblower Rights and Requirement to Inform Employees of Whistleblower Rights (Jun 2020)
FAR 52.204-4 Printed or Copied Double-Sided on Postconsumer Fiber Content Paper (May 2011)
FAR 52.223-2 Affirmative Procurement of Biobased Products Under Service and Construction Contracts (Sep 2013)
FAR 52.228-5 Insurance Work on a Government Installation (Jan 1997)
(d) The successful bidder must present to the Contracting Officer, prior to award, evidence of general liability insurance without any exclusionary clauses for asbestos that would void the general liability coverage.
FAR 52.232-18 Availability of Funds (Apr 1984)
FAR 52.232-19 Availability of Funds for the Next Fiscal Year (Apr 1984)
FAR 52.232-40 Providing Accelerated Payments to Small Business Subcontractors (Dec 2013)
FAR 52.237-3 Continuity of Services (Jan 1991)
VAAR 852.203-70 Commercial Advertising (May 2018)
VAAR 852.215-70 Service Disabled Veteran Owned and Veteran Owned Small Business Evaluation Factors (Jul 2016) (Deviation)
VAAR 852.232-72 Electronic Submission of Payments Requests (Nov 2018)

The clause at 52.212-5 Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes or Executive Orders (Jul 2020) applies to this acquisition. The following subparagraphs of FAR 52.212-5 are applicable: (b)(1), (b)(4), (b)(8), (b)(14), (b)(16), (b)(18), (b)(19), (b)(22), (b)(27), (b)(28), (b)(29), (b)(30), (b)(31), (b)(32), (b)(33), (b)(34), (b)(35), (b)(36), (b)(44), (b)(51), (b)(57), and (b)(58).

(End of RFQ)