36C77023Q0143 – Sources Sought – 6515–DISPOSABLE SURGICAL GLOVES

Jan 25, 2023 | Sources Sought

This is a Request for Information(RFI)/Sources Sought announcement only to conduct Market Research.
This is not a solicitation announcement. The NCO 15 Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy(CMOP), Contracting office is conducting market research only to gain knowledge of potential qualified sources and is issuing this sources sought notice for a Disposable Gloves, sizes, small, medium and large. See attached statement of needs for additional details.
To be considered credible, vendors will be considered on the basis as to whether they are a;
Manufacturer of the item
An Authorized Distributor of the Manufacturer for the item
An Authorized Distributor of a Reseller whom is a Authorized Distributor of the Manufacturer of the item that can provide a Letter of Authorization from the Manufacturer showing that the Reseller is an Authorized Distributor of the manufacturer.
Since offers are not being solicited at this time. The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this request for information. Vendors are required to address the following questions to be considered a viable source for future needs;
IAW the Non-Manufacturer Rule:

Are you a manufacturer of the Item being requested? Yes or No

If not the manufacturer:

Please state whom manufacturer/s said product/s ___________________

Can you provide a letter of authorization from the manufacturer showing you are a Authorized Distributor of the manufacturer? Yes or No

Can you provide a letter showing you are Authorized Distributor of an Authorized Reseller whom can provide a letter showing they are an Authorized Distributor of the manufacturer? Yes or No

IAW the Buy American Act(BAA)
Is the item considered made in the USA? Yes or No

If not, please state where is the item considered manufactured. ________________

Any responses to this sources sought must include answers to all of the above questions in order to adequately assess the capabilities of the marketplace in relation to the requirements of this procurement. When responding please include;

Your company s POCs:
Phone Number
Email Address
Your Company s SAM Unique ID Number
Your Company s Capability Statement

Interested sources may respond to this notice via email to jeffrey.blackard@va.gov , on or before 27 Jan 2023 @ 10:00 am cdt.

This Request for Information does not obligate VA to the release of a solicitation.

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