36C26322Q0832 – Sources Sought – C1DA–FY24 A/E IDIQ Pool 01 (VA-24-00000074)

Aug 5, 2022 | Sources Sought

THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT ANNOUNCEMENT to conduct market research for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Network Contracting Office (NCO) 23 which is seeking firms to perform Architectural & Engineering (A/E) services in support of the Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 23 office, which consists of eight (8) healthcare systems across the network. The entirety of VISN 23 serves North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska as well as some clinical leased locations in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.  The A/E services are required to be performed or approved by a person licensed, registered, or certified.  Projects may include all or part Type A , B or C services identified in the Statement of Work (SOW). This notice supports Pool 01 which consists of the following locations:

1. Iowa City, Iowa
2. Minneapolis, Minnesota
3. St. Cloud, Minnesota
4. Fargo, North Dakota
5. Associated (current and future) Community-Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs) and leases in the regions supported by the above facilities.
6. VBA and Vet Center offices and facilities within VISN 23

This Sources Sought is to determine eligible small business firms that may be interested in participating in the solicitation process. Interested firms must be an Architect or Architect/Engineer Firm with an approved NAICS Code of 541330 and must have an established working office within the VISN 23 region. (See the attached VISN 23 Map). The final determination of acquisition strategy for this acquisition lies solely with the government.
This market research is for the potential award of up to ten multiple award firm-fixed-price IDIQ contracts in Pool 01 of the VISN 23 footprint, each with a total maximum pool award amount of $75,000,000 in task orders, with a five-year ordering period.. The firms must be capable of responding to and working on multiple task orders concurrently. Project sites will be located within the region. Services will be procured in accordance with PL 92-582 (Brooks Act) and FAR Part 36.

The firm, or team, should at least have the following licensed/registered specialty disciplines and be members of the firm, or team, with demonstrable expertise in their respective fields. Firms must have, either in-house or through consultants, (1) Architect; (2) Structural; (3) Civil; (4) Mechanical; (5) Electrical; (6) Environmental; (7) Value Engineering; (8) Cost Engineer; (9) Scheduler; (10) Risk Analyst; (11) Fire Protection; and (12) Historical Preservation. Members of the firm or team must be licensed or registered professional engineer.

Types of Services:

Type A Services
This work includes pre-scope field investigations (site visits) and surveys (topographic, geotechnical, chemical, site utilities, existing mechanical etc.), energy modeling/analysis, programming, commissioning, and similar fact-finding surveys of the site to provide reports of existing conditions on which to base proper design; and similar services not involved in the preparation of designs, plans, drawings, and specifications.

Type B Services
Type of services include, but may not be limited to, plans, drawings, estimates, specifications, submittal register, comprehensive interior design, field survey and investigation, cost estimates. Cost estimates to include all: material, labor, other direct costs, overhead profit, and bonding. Phasing plans, mitigation, and energy must be considered and requires up front analysis and planning. Construction work may be in operational Medical Centers and every effort will be made to interface construction with Medical Center operations. To minimize impact, this means the preparation of detailed phasing plans, including associated moves. Phasing plans will show exact areas of work along with specific outage times, infection control risk assessment (ICRA) mitigation measures (including specific dust, noise, debris control), interim life safety measures (ILSM) which provide for specific measures to mitigate any reduction in fire protection features (i.e., exits out of service, fire sprinkler removal, etc.). Utility outages will be carefully planned and described in the Construction Documents to allow all OSHA required safety measures to be maintained while continuing Medical Center operations.

Type C Services
Project Management, construction management, inspecting monitoring, commissioning, and evaluating design and or construction activities to validate conformance to scope of work, plans and specifications, evaluating product submittals, shop drawings, and drafting RFI responses.

Prospective vendor shall have a proficiency in healthcare facility design and related healthcare regulatory bodies and must be able to accommodate planning and strategies for projects in a fully functional healthcare facility. In addition, vendors shall have a proficiency in campus infrastructure planning, programming, design, and construction to include, but not be limited to, boilers, chillers, electrical distribution, water and wastewater distribution, parking garages, grounds, and roads/sidewalks. Only architects or architect/engineer firms, or teams, demonstrating the above capabilities and a planned approach to perform contract services should respond.

All interested businesses are encouraged to respond to this announcement no later than August 30, 2022, 12:00 PM (Central Time), by submitting all requested documentation listed below via E-mail to zachary.koutz@va.gov and eric.reis@va.gov with the Subject Line insert AE-IDIQ (Company s Name).

Interested parties should register as an interested vendor and submit a capabilities package demonstrating the ability to perform work listed above. Packages must provide a brief statement demonstrating that the interested party is capable of responding to and working on multiple task orders concurrently. Packages should include the following information: (1) Business name, address, and small business type, (2) A positive statement of your intention to submit an offer for this requirement as a prime contractor and/or teaming partners, (3) Brief explanation of past performance or current contracts accomplishing the services listed above. The Capabilities package shall include no more than 4 Pages.

Any Pre-solicitation published as a result of this market survey will be synopsized and posted at https://sam.gov/ under a separate pre-solicitation announcement.

Please note that this is not a Request for Proposal and the Government is seeking information for market research purposes only. The Government may or may not issue advertisements for the above A/E services.

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