36C26321Q0012 – Sources Sought – Z1DA–VA-BHHCS Medical Facilities Elevator Maintenance and Repair Request for Information (RFI)

Sep 17, 2020 | Sources Sought


The Department of Veterans Affairs & VA Black Hills (South Dakota) Healthcare System are conducting a market survey for qualified firms capable of providing the required VA Medical Buildings Elevator Maintenance and Repair Services as outlined in the PERFORMANCE WORK STATEMENT (PWS) below.
Interested and QUALIFIED parties only should provide the following: Company Name, Company Address, Point of Contact (POC), POC phone number, POC email address, company CAGE Code number, company D&B number, and capability statement for the services as stated in the PWS Summary below. Responses to this notice should include three customer references to whom you have provided similar services, copies of applicable licensing, and the size of your business pursuant to the following questions:
(1) Is your business large, small, or SD/VOSB-certified (via VIP)?
(2) If small, does your firm qualify as a small, emerging business, or small disadvantaged business?
(3) If disadvantaged, specify under which disadvantaged group, and if your firm is certified under Section 8(a) of the Small Business Act.
(4) Is your firm a certified hubzone firm?
(5) Is your firm a woman-owned or operated business?
(6) Is your firm a VetBiz VIP-certified, Service-Disabled VOSB or Veteran-Owned Small Business?

Those who choose to identify their qualifications and interest to provide the requested service should respond to this announcement via email to Angela Beck at angela.beck@va.gov no later than September 23, 2020 before 11:00 AM Mountain Time.
This notice shall not be construed as a commitment by the Government to ultimately award a contract, nor does it restrict the Government to a particular acquisition approach. All information submitted in response to this announcement is voluntary; the Government will not pay for information requested nor will it compensate any respondent for any cost incurred developing information provided to the Government.

VA-BHHCS Medical Facilities: Elevator Maintenance and Repair Service
Performance Work Statement (PWS) Summary

Locations of Elevators:
Hot Springs VA Medical Center
500 N. 5th St.
Hot Springs, SD 57747

Fort Meade VA Medical Center
113 Comanche Rd.
Fort Meade, SD 57741

Statement of Purpose:

To establish an annual maintenance and repair agreement through a capable and qualified contractor in order to perform the requirements of service to facility elevators at the VA-Black Hills Health Care System (VA-BHHCS). Approved Contractor agrees to execute the proposed objectives pursuant to the terms of this Performance Work Statement (PWS).
Contractor will provide full preventive maintenance service and emergency call back service on the following elevators:

Hot Springs, SD Elevators
Building 1 Passenger Elevator #1 Montgomery
Serviced bi-weekly SN#CT41072, Automatic cable, 4-stop

Building 2 Passenger/Freight Elevator #2 Dover
Serviced bi-weekly SN#E97367, Hydraulic, 4-stop, dual doors

Building 11 Passenger Elevator #8 Dover
Serviced monthly SN#EF5389, Hydraulic, 2-stop

Building 12 Passenger/Freight Elevator #7 Montgomery
Serviced bi-weekly SN#CT40382, Automatic, 6-stop, dual doors, cable-type,
Motion Control

Building 12 Passenger Elevator #4
Serviced monthly SN#E29807, Hydraulic, 2-stop, Motion Control

Building 12 Dumbwaiter #1 Matot
Serviced monthly SN#25924

Building 12 Passenger Elevator #3
Serviced bi-weekly SN#CT45333, Automatic, 5-stop, cable, Motion Control

Building 12 Passenger Elevator #5 Montgomery
Serviced bi-weekly SN#CT39203, Automatic, 4-stop, cable

Building 53 Passenger/Freight Elevator #6 Montgomery
Serviced monthly SN#CT44221, Automatic, 3-stop, cable

Building 4 Passenger Elevator #9 IMO
Serviced monthly SN#119634-17, NHP1305, Hydraulic, 3-stop

Fort Meade, SD Elevators
Building No. 113                      Passenger Elevator #1 Montgomery
Serviced bi-weekly                  SN#3108038, Automatic OH Traction, 3 Stop

Building No, 113                       Service Elevator #2 Montgomery
Serviced bi-weekly                  SN#3108035, Automatic OH Traction, 3 stop

Building No. 145                       Passenger Elevator#3 – Montgomery
Serviced bi-weekly                  SN#CT- 46035, Automatic OH Traction, 3 stop

Building No. 145                      Service Elevator #4 Montgomery
Serviced bi-weekly                  SN#CT- 46036, Automatic OH Traction, 3 stop

Building No. 46                         Freight Elevator#5 Otis
Serviced monthly                   SN#130889, cable, 2 stop

All Fort Meade elevators are to be serviced bi-weekly with the exception of the Otis service elevator in Building 46 which is to be serviced monthly. All Fort Meade elevators are cable driven and are all 3-stop with the exception of the Otis elevator, which is one-stop.

Requirements: Contractor will provide bi-weekly full maintenance inspections of cable-type elevators (26 total routine maintenance visits). Contractor will provide monthly full maintenance inspections of the hydraulic elevators (total of 12 routine maintenance visits). Routine maintenance will be made during the medical center s regular hours, Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm. Contractor will notify Facilities Management Office at each site prior to commencement of providing services. Contractor will utilize a written service receipt to record each visit. This receipt will indicate date, hours on site, technician name and elevator serviced. Type of service will be recorded. The receipt will be signed by the Maintenance Supervisor or the Engineering Manager. A copy will remain with the VA. The contractor will provide a quarterly summary of routine maintenance and review with the Maintenance Supervisor. The VA representative will sign receipts to indicate that the Contractor was present; this does not represent any sort of inspection of workmanship on the part of the VA. The VA will hire an independent elevator inspector for that purpose.

Contractor will clean, adjust and lubricate the equipment and determine the nature and extent of any maintenance required to restore the elevators to satisfactory service and, if conditions warrant, furnish and install parts as noted herein. All equipment, materials and installation will conform to the American National Standard Code for Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Escalators and Moving Walks, ANSI, A17.1-1978, or latest adopted edition, and the American Standard practice for inspection of Elevators, Inspectors Manual, A1 1.2-1979 or latest adopted edition.

Cleaning, Lubrication and Adjustment Services: Contractor will clean, lubricate and adjust motors, generators, controllers, relay panels, selectors, leveling devices, operating devices, switches, on car and in hoistway, hoistway door and car door or gate operating devices, interlocks and contacts, guide shoes, guide grooves in hoistway and car door sills, hangers for all doors, and car doors, signal systems, car safety devices, sensor strips, governors, tension frames and sheaves in pit. Hoist motor generator brushes will be checked for wear at least every month. Accumulated carbon dust will be removed from commutators, brush rigs, and windings at the same time.

Contractor will clean guide rails, overhead sheaves and beams, counterweight frames, tops of cars, machine room floors and elevator shaft pits at least once per month. A complete cleaning of the entire installation including all machine room equipment, hoistway equipment, machine room floors and walls, hoistway walls, supporting structures, etc., will be accomplished once per year.

Contractor will lubricate all sheave, machine and motor bearings and hoist ropes/cables and refill as necessary.

Contractor will examine all hoisting ropes/cables and equalize the tension whenever necessary to insure maintenance of adequate safety factors. Contractor will replace hoisting ropes/cables and governor ropes/cables as required. The exterior of the machinery and any other parts of the equipment subject to rust will be kept properly painted and presentable. The guides will be kept free of rust. Guide shoe rollers and gibs will be renewed as required to insure smooth and satisfactory operation. All electrical wiring and conductors extending to elevators and dumbwaiters from circuit breakers or main lines switches in machine rooms and from outlets in hoistways, will be repaired and/or replaced when required. Circuit breakers or main line switches, together with fuses for same, are excluded.

Contractor will furnish all lubricants, hydraulic fluid, cleaning supplies and tools necessary to perform the work describes herein. All lubricants will be recommended by the manufacturer of the individual equipment.

Contractor will furnish and install or repair when necessary, traction machines, motor generators, controllers, selectors, worm gears, thrusts, control fuses, windings, commutators, circuits, magnet frames, relays, contactors, cams, car door and hoistway door hangers, tracks and door gibs, door operating devices, interlocks and contacts, safety devices, governors, push buttons, annunciators, lamp replacement in signal systems, and all other elevator signal and accessory equipment. All parts will be of the original manufacturer s design and specification, or equal to.

Contractor will not supply and replace fluorescent lamps for car light fixtures. Contractor will not supply and replace floor covering on elevator car platforms, make renewals or repairs necessitated by reasons of negligence or misuse of the equipment by persons other than the Contractor or its representatives for any other reason beyond the contractors control, except normal wear and tear; install new attachments as may be recommended or directed by inspection firms or by Federal, State, Municipal or other Government authorities.
Contractor will work with the VA Fire Departments at both VA BHHCS facilities to conduct an annual smoke alarm test for each Elevator. Contractor will contact the VA Fire Department to schedule the smoke testing. At time of testing, the Contractor will call the Firefighter on standby to communicate the start of the test. Contractor will set off the smoke test with VA Firefighter acknowledging that the alarm was received at the alarm panel for the Elevator location. A copy of the testing completion document, containing the Elevator number, building location, signed and dated will be provided to the VA Contracting Officers Representative (COR) for record.

Contractor will provide a four-hour response time for call back service from the time a call for service is made by the Contracting Officer, Facilities Management Officer or their designees. Contractor will be on site with-in this four-hour time frame, unless the situation isn t considered an emergency, and another mutually agreed upon time will meet the government s needs.
This callback service will be provided 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. The first two hours of on-site emergency callback service is included in the contract. Any time spent beyond the first two hours the government will pay the additional hours. Contractor will specify in the bid package the hourly rate Contractor will charge beyond the first two hours of on-site visit.

Hot Springs VA elevators 2, 3 and 7 will be covered under the 24-hours a day, seven days per week callback requirement.
Hot Springs VA elevators 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and dumbwaiter#1 will be covered under a callback time of Monday through Friday during regular working hours, government holidays excluded.
Fort Meade VA passenger elevator located in Building 113 will be covered under the 24-hours a day, seven days per week callback requirement.
Fort Meade VA service elevator located in Building 113 will be covered under the 24-hours a day, seven days per week callback requirement.
Fort Meade VA passenger elevator located in Building 145 will be covered under a callback time of Monday through Friday during regular working hours, government holidays excluded.
Fort Meade VA service elevators located in Buildings 145 and 46 will be covered under a callback time of Monday through Friday during regular working hours, government holidays excluded.

Contractor will provide all parts valued at $100.00 or less under this contract at no additional charge to the government. Parts that are required and are over $100.00 will be purchased under a separate purchase order. Contractor will not install parts over $100.00 prior to receiving approval from the government-authorized representative.

Contractor will provide a minimum of one (1) hour service on each elevator during each scheduled routine maintenance visit. Time spent on callback service and at the semi-annual inspections does not qualify as time required for scheduled maintenance.

Contractor will report to the Maintenance Supervisor or the Engineering Program Manager, or his designee, at the completion of each service and provide a written receipt of services performed. These reports will advise the government of any repair part required which is not covered under this contract. The VA will provide a logbook in each elevator room for the Contractor s detailed maintenance and callback actions.

Contractor will maintain a complete, orderly and chronological file including drawings, complete parts lists and copies of all reports as required by those specifications. The Contractor will maintain a record of all callbacks and repairs. Record will indicate any difficulty experienced and the corrective measures taken to eliminate the difficulties. The file will be available for inspection upon request and a copy furnished to each of the VA Black Hills Health Care System s sites quarterly.

Contractor will provide all labor, materials and equipment for the performance-based maintenance and repair of cable type elevators at Hot Springs and Fort Meade (Sturgis) VA Medical Centers in accordance with specifications.

Contractor will provide all labor, materials and equipment for the performance-based maintenance and repair of hydraulic type elevators at Hot Springs and Fort Meade (Sturgis) VA Medical Centers in accordance with specifications.

Contractor will provide all labor, materials and equipment for the emergency callback services for all elevators at the Hot Springs and Fort Meade (Sturgis) VA Medical Centers in accordance with specifications.

Contractor will provide all labor and materials for participating in the semi-annual inspections at the Hot Springs and Fort Meade VA Medical Centers in accordance with specifications. Contractor will be present at the time of the semi-annual elevator inspections. The government will inform Contractor when the inspection will occur. Contractor will have all deficiencies from inspections corrected within six months of semi-annual inspection.

Contractor will provide, along with bid package, proof of current service mechanics certification issued by the International Union Elevator Constructors.

The Contractor will submit a written plan of action to the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) whenever unresolved problems occur three times on the same elevator. Whenever the same problem reoccurs on the same elevator three times, the VA requires an analysis of the corrective action required to resolve the problem.
Contractor will test, tag and seal all hydraulic elevators annually at No Load for bypass pressure. All cable type elevators will be tested, tagged and sealed annually at No Load . All cable type elevators will be tested every five years at Full Load .

Contractor will provide with offer the name and telephone number of service technician who will be performing this contract work. Also provide a resume of service technician, along with experience of working on various manufacturers equipment.

This RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation. All information received in response to this RFI that is marked as proprietary will be handled accordingly. In accordance with FAR 15.201(e), responses to this notice are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. Responders are solely responsible for all expenses associated with responding to this RFI.

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