36C26320Q0676 – Sources Sought – S217–Plant Care Maintenance

Aug 11, 2020 | Sources Sought

The St. Cloud VA Healthcare System is requiring indoor plant care services per the attached performance work statement (PWS).
This is a sources sought/proof of capability solicitation looking for SDVOSB, VOSB and small business vendors to perform the services per the PWS for market research purposes. No awards of a contract will be made from this announcement.
If you are an SDVOSB, VOSB or small business vendor that could complete the work described in the PWS with competitive pricing, please send your information with a description of proof of capability to: pamela.phillips@va.gov on or before August 21, 2020.

Plant Care Maintenance


Requesting a contractor to provide a Plant Care Maintenance and Service contract to maintain plants in several locations throughout the Minneapolis Veteran Affairs Health Care System (MVAHCS) located in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Period of Performance will be a five (5) year contract (Base year plus four (4) option years).


The Contractor shall provide complete plant care for all interior plants and landscape materials located in building seventy (70) of the Minneapolis VAHCS facility. There are approximately two thousand (2000) biological plants situated amongst three (3) interior atriums, at various raised levels and planters. There are also artificial silk plants that shall require maintenance and care for maintaining a dust free and natural appearance.

Statement of Work:

General Description of Services: Routine maintenance shall occur on a regular basis but no less than weekly and shall include those services that ensure the proper health of the plants and encourage growth, good color and adequate FboNotice development. Maintenance shall be performed by or under the supervision of fully-insured personnel with a horticulture degree. Services shall include watering, misting, environmentally friendly and odor-free fertilizer, spraying, cleaning, leaching, aerating, replacement of potting materials and fillers, and plant replacement in accordance with sound horticulture practice. The Contractor shall be responsible for providing and executing a not-less-than monthly maintenance plan, in which the Contractor shall maintain the plants in a healthy, vigorous and attractive condition, as specified in the areas and manners below:

Plant Areas: All plants shall present a well-groomed appearance at all times. All planters and planted areas shall be free of all paper, gum, bottles, trash, and other discarded material. Surface soil areas of planters will be kept dressed by Contractor with use of fresh and clean covering material that meets normal commercial standards for florist/interior plantings.

Watering: All planted areas (planters) shall show no signs of excess dryness at any time. All areas shall be checked for moisture content on a regular basis. Contractor is responsible for ensuring all areas receive proper water, fertilizer, and pest control application and coverage based on the type of plants provided.

Leaves: Areas shall be kept free of fallen leaves. The Contractor shall remove all clippings, trimmings, cuttings, trash, excess soil, and debris from floor and planter areas resulting from work or from normal plant leave droppings.

Natural Appearance: All trees and plants shall be shaped to achieve a natural appearance. Trees and plants shall present a neat, well-maintained appearance free of dust, and provide unobstructed access to seating and pedestrian areas at all times. A landscaping professional will accomplish any plant trimming.

Pest, Disease, and Weed Control:
The Contractor shall furnish all chemicals, including fertilizer and required insecticides necessary to comply with quality requirements (reference paragraph 3B below). All chemicals shall be approved for safe suitable interior use in public buildings by Federal, State, and local regulation. The contractor shall provide Material Safety and Data Sheets to the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) prior to use of any such substances. All chemicals specified and used shall comply with EPA regulations. The Contractor shall submit to the COR the names and technical information, including EPA certification, on all chemicals proposed for use. The program and chemical information shall be submitted to the COR one week prior to use. There shall be no evidence of pests or disease in plants provided and maintained by the Contractor. The Contractor is responsible, at their expense, for removing and disposing of any contaminated material from Federal property.

The Contractor shall inspect soil and foliage for insects and disease and apply any needed pesticides and fungicides. All spraying or placement of pesticides shall be accomplished by a Minnesota state-licensed applicator. The Contractor shall provide a copy of this license to the Contracting Officer and Contracting Officer Representative, prior to the start of the contract. Any updates to licensing of existing or new employees shall be submitted to the COR within 10 business days of issuance or changes. Soil Samples, if required, shall be taken and analyzed at the Contractor’s expense by an approved testing laboratory from areas where plant health problems are suspected of occurring. Any costs of any special analysis or treatment shall be incurred at Contractor’s expense.

Waste and Recycling: The Contractor shall remove all protective materials from items delivered, installed or used under this contract from the building, according to federal sustainability guidelines. Cardboard, metals, and other items shall be recycled, as practiced at the Veterans Administration. The Contractor shall remove all trash refuse cartons, packing and crating materials resulting from installation of new or relocation of existing items.

Damages: The Contractor shall be responsible for correcting or replacing damaged plant related furnishings and for plants not in sound horticultural health. This includes plants that have been damaged, died, or lost their original form due to natural causes, or negligence or improper maintenance by the Contractor, and such plants shall be replaced in equal kind and size at no expense to the Government. The Contractor shall not he held responsible for replacement of plant materials damaged or killed due to vandalism or extreme environmental conditions beyond the Contractor’s control.

Personnel Security Requirements: The Contractor shall comply with all VA requests to obtain identification badges for key personnel whom will be working onsite. The number of key contractor personnel obtaining identification badges shall be sufficient to provide continuous onsite escorts for all phases of the contract requirements. Each person that is a candidate to receive a contractor badge shall complete the requested forms, submit to fingerprinting, and be able to complete the online registration process as provided by the VA.

Working hours:

Anticipated hours of work will be Monday through Friday from 7:am 5:00 pm. Additional hours must be coordinated through the COR. Work will not be performed on weekends or federal holidays.

Observed Federal Holidays:
Columbus Day Veteran s Day
Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day
New Year s Day Martin Luther King Birthday
Washington s Birthday Memorial Day
Independence Day Labor Day


Performance log sheet or Customer Service Report after each service.


Contractor is responsible for maintaining a safe working environment for their employees, patients, visitors and MVAHACS Staff. Work areas will be kept cleaned throughout the day and all trash and demolished materials properly disposed of daily.


Contract personnel need to obtain a vendor s badge form VA Security located at the outpatient entrance security desk. A valid government issued form of identification will be required to receive a badge.

Contractors are required to check in with the COR upon arrival at facility to obtain access and any additional instructions, task explanations and project location information. Daily performance log sheets are required to be submitted to the CO and COR daily. The logs will provide information about location and progress that has been made.


Parking is available in parking lots 11, 43A and 43B for vehicles (automobiles and Pickup trucks). Larger vehicles, equipment, job site trailers or storage containers must utilize parking lot 43A only. Contractor s contact information (name and phone number) is required to be displayed on all vehicles, equipment, trailers or containers that are stored overnight at the MVAHCS. Dropping off tools and materials at the loading dock is permitted but no parking is allowed in the loading dock area. Unattended vehicles in unauthorized parking areas will be ticketed by MVAHCS Police.


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