Mar 23, 2021 | Sources Sought

This is NOT a solicitation announcement. This is a sources sought synopsis only for market research. The purpose of this sources sought is to gain knowledge of potential qualified sources and their size classification relative to NAICS 333314 (size standard 500 of Employees). Responses to this sources sought will be used by the Government to make appropriate acquisition decisions. After review of the responses to this sources sought, a solicitation announcement may be published. Responses to this sources sought synopsis are not considered adequate responses for a solicitation announcement.
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), VISN 22 Network Contracting Office, is seeking sources that can provide a Compact Touch 2 Ultrasound with A/B-Scan that at a minimum meets the following salient characteristics for the VA Long Beach Healthcare System:

Part Number



15 MHz B Probe – Compact Touch 2
15 MHz B Probe PN: PCBX0012
· 15MHz B-Scan Probe
· Transport Case
· For use only with Compact Touch 2 Systems
1 EA
Compact Touch 2 Ultrasound with A/B-Scan
Compact Touch 2 Ultrasound with A/B-Scan
· Compact Touch 2 Console
· Biometry A Probe
· Prager Shell
· 15 MHz B Probe
· 2-Year Warranty
· Inservice
1 EA
Pachymetry Probe for Compact Touch 2 and Pocket II
Pachymetry Probe for Compact Touch 2 and Pocket II
· Pachymetry Probe
· Software Key
· Installation Software
1 EA
Prager Shell
Prager Shell
1 EA

Item Name: Ultrasound, Imaging
Brand Name or Equal:

What is the brand name of the equipment? Compact Touch
1) Essential/significant physical, functional, or performance characteristics. a) Compatibility – Does it need to be compatible with another system, i.e. CPRS? No does not require to be compatible
b) Dimensions What are the height, width, and length of the equipment? 10.6 x 1.6 x 9.7
c) Weight What is the weight? 7.7 lbs
d) Industry Standard Describe Industry Standard. Ophthalmic Ultrasound with ability to measure axial length and visual structures of the human eye
e) Purpose Why do you need the equipment?
f) Governing Body or Organization What is the governing body or organization? FDA

Complete generic identification
Describe the equipment without using trademark names or proprietary information, Include color, type of material (if applicable), special characteristics, voltage, etc.

High resolution B15 Mhz probe resolution increased by 30%

110 220 operating voltage

Portable touch screen ultrasound

Wifi and Bluetooth compatibility

DICOM compliance

Interface data to EMR

HDMI video output

2) Applicable model/make/catalog number

3) Manufacturer name Quantel Medical

The information identified above is intended to be descriptive, not restrictive and to indicate the quality of the supplies/services that will be satisfactory. It is the responsibility of the interested source to demonstrate to the government that the interested parties can provide the supplies/services that fulfill the required specifications.
If you are interested, and are capable of providing the sought-out supplies/services, please provide the requested information as well as the information indicated below. Response to this notice should include company name, address, point of contact, size of business pursuant to the following questions:
(1) Please indicate the size status and representations of your business, such as but not limited to: Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), Hubzone, Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), Large Business, etc.
(2) Is your company considered small under the NAICS code identified under this source sought announcement?
(3) Are you the manufacturer or distributor of the items being referenced above (or equivalent product/solution)? What is the manufacturing country of origin of these items?
(4) If you re a small business and you are an authorized distributor/reseller for the items identified above (or equivalent product/solution), do you alter; assemble; modify; the items requested in any way? If you do, state how and what is altered; assembled; modified?
(5) Does your company have an FSS contract with GSA or the NAC or are you a contract holder with NASA SEWP or any other federal contract? If so, please provide the contract type and number.
(6) If you are an FSS GSA/NAC or NASA SEWP contract holder or other federal contract holder, are the referenced items/solutions available on your schedule/contract?
(7) Please provide general pricing for your products/solutions for market research purposes.
(8) Please submit your capabilities in regards to the salient characteristics being provided and any information pertaining to equal to items to establish capabilities for planning purposes?
*** Submissions addressing Section (8) should show clear, compelling and convincing*** evidence that all equal to items” meet all required salient characteristics.

Responses to this notice shall be submitted via email to john.lutz3@va.gov. Telephone responses shall not be accepted. Responses must be received no later than Friday, Mar. 26, 2021 at 1:00 PST. If a solicitation is issued it shall be announced at a later date, and all interested parties must respond to that solicitation announcement separately from the responses to this request for information. Responses to this notice are not a request to be added to a prospective bidders list or to receive a copy of the solicitation

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