36C26221Q0034 – Combined Synopsis/Solicitation – J044–Steam System Thermal Assessment

Oct 17, 2020 | SDVOSB Set-Asides

1. This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial services/items prepared in accordance with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6 in conjunction with FAR Part 13, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; quotes are being requested and a separate written solicitation will not be issued.

1.a. Project Title: Steam/Condensate System Thermal Assessment
1.b. Description: VA Greater Loma Linda Healthcare System is seeking a contractor to provide a detailed thermal assessment of steam/condensate system for the whole facility.
1.c. Project Location: VA Loma Linda Healthcare System, 11201 Benton Street, Loma Linda, CA 92357
1.d. Solicitation Type – Number: Request for Quotes (RFQ) – 36C26221Q0034.
1.e. Set Aside: This solicitation is issued as a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business set aside.
1.f. Applicable NAICS code: 238220, Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors.
1.g. Small Business Size Standard: $16.5 Million
1.h. Type of Contract: Firm Fixed Price
1.i. Period of Performance: 2 weeks after award
1.j. Wage Determination applicable to this project: SCA WD 2015-5629 revision 13
1.k. Request for Information (RFI) should be submitted via email no later than 4pm PDT Tuesday, October 20, 2020 to Ositadima.ndubizu@va.gov

2. Statement of Work

2.1. Objective. VA Greater Loma Linda Healthcare System is seeking a contractor to provide a detailed thermal assessment of steam/condensate system for the whole facility.

2.2. Background. As per VHA Directive 1810-1 we are required to maintain a steam conservation program which it will require the assessment of all steam and condensate to test the integrity of the piping systems and pipe insulation. This assessment will confirm the percent of steam water and energy we are losing throughout hospital

2.3. Scope. The purpose of this contract is to have Contractor to furnish all labor, materials, supplies, tools, to provide a detail thermal assessment of steam/condensate system for the whole facility. The contractor will provide, the showing of heat-loss, thermal savings, gallons of water saved, steam cost savings and recommendations. contractor will provide final assessment, and recommendations.

Contractor requirements:
Contractor will check in with plant personnel daily
Contractor will go through COVID check
Contractor will provide schedule of work being performed.
Contractor will be escorted to each point being tested by a VA FMS employee.
Contractor will check out at plant daily.
Contractor will provide final assessment, and recommendations.

2.4. Licensing Requirements

Offeror must possess a C-4 License -Boiler, Hot Water Heating and Steam Fitting Contractor
The contractor will provide all required licenses, certifications, permits, documents, as required and requested. The contractor will provide all required, qualified, license, and certified labor, technicians, equipment, materials, tools, transport, supervision, safety requirements, personal protective equipment (e.g., safety boots, safety glasses/goggles, gloves, protective wear, masks, etc.).

2.5. Specific Tasks

Schedule with the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) or Designee five (5) business days in advance prior to start of work.

All personnel are required to have a valid Loma Linda contractor badge prior to start of job.

All energy sources (electrical, water, etc.) shall be locked and tagged out, and upon completion of work, will be re-energized and verified.

Workers or a designated lead or supervisor are/is to check in with the Graphics Control in the plant prior to work each day.

Potential Vendor shall conform to the following standards, policies, regulations, governing agency, and any other local, state, or federal guidelines that are listed here
OSHA Regulations, www.osha.gov
NFPA, www.nfpa.org

2.6. Performance Monitoring. The Contracting Officer Representative (COR) or Designee will monitor contractor performance.

2.7. Period of Performance. The period of performance will be 2 weeks. Normal working hours at the sites are 7 am 4:30 pm, excluding National holidays.

a. National Holidays:
New Year s Day January 01
Martin Luther King s Birthday Third Monday in January
President s Day Third Monday in February
Memorial Day Last Monday in May
Independence Day July 04
Labor Day First Monday in September
Columbus Day Second Monday in October
Veterans Day November 11
Thanksgiving Day Fourth Thursday in November
Christmas Day December 25

b. If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be observed as a National holiday. When a holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday is observed as a National holiday by U.S. Government Agencies, and any day specifically declared by the President of the United States of America.

c. Overtime & Holiday Pay: Any overtime and/or holiday pay that may be entitled to the Contractor s employees shall be the sole responsibility of the Contractor and shall not be billed to nor reimbursed by the Government.

2.8. Contractor will bill and be paid for actual services provided by Contractor personnel. Contractor will not be paid for availability or on-call services unless otherwise provided herein.

2.9. Contractor Personnel Background Requirements.

The Office of Security and Law Enforcement provides Department-wide policy on the assignment of appropriate position sensitivity designations associated with Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) positions involving national security and public trust responsibilities, and on the level of background investigations required for applicants for, and incumbents of, those positions. In addition to VA employees, the policy and investigative requirements are applicable to Contractor personnel who require access to VA computer systems designated as sensitive.

Personnel who require access to VA computer systems shall be subject to all necessary background investigations and receive a favorable adjudication from the VA Office of Security and Law Enforcement to ensure compliance with such policy. If such investigation has not been completed prior to contract commencement, the Contractor shall be responsible for the actions of those individuals performing under the contract.

Should the contract require Contractor personnel to maintain U.S. citizenship, the Contractor shall be responsible for compliance. Regardless of U.S. citizenship requirements, Contractor personnel are required to read, write, speak, and understand the English language, unless otherwise specified in this contract or agreed to by the Government.

The cost of such investigations shall be borne by the Contractor, either in advance or as reimbursement to the Government. The level of sensitivity shall be determined by the Government on the basic of the type of access required. The level of sensitivity will determine the depth of the investigation and the cost thereof. At this time, the current estimated costs for such investigations are as follows:

Level of Sensitivity Background investigation level Approximate Cost
Low Risk National Agency Check with Written Inquiries $ 231.00
Moderate Risk Minimum Background Investigation $ 825.00
High Risk Background Investigation $ 3,465.00

The Contractor shall be required to furnish all applicable employee information required to conduct the investigation, such as, but not limited to, the name, address, and social security number of Contractor personnel. The VA will provide all the necessary instructions and guidance for submission of the documents required to conduct the background investigation. Background investigations shall not be required for Contractor personnel who will not be required to access VA computer systems nor gain access to sensitive materials.

2.10. Contractor Personnel

The Contractor shall provide a contract program manager who shall be responsible for the performance of the work. The name of this person shall be designated in writing to the Contracting Officer. The Contractor s Program Manager shall have full authority to act for the Contractor on all contract matters relating to daily operation of this contract.
Program Manager:
Company Name:
Phone No:

2.11. Contractor Employees

The Contractor shall not employ persons for work on this contract if such employee is identified to the Contractor as a potential threat to the health, safety, security, general well-being or operational mission of the installation and its population. Contract Personnel shall be subject to the same quality assurance standards or exceed current recognized national standards as established by the Joint Commission (JC).

Badge. Contractor shall obtain a Contractor I.D Badge from the VA Police. All Contractor personnel are required to wear I.D Badge during the entire time on VA facility. The I.D Badge MUST have an identification picture and shall state the name of the individual and the company represented.

Parking: It is the responsibility of the contract personnel to park in the appropriate designated parking areas. Parking information is available from VA Police & Security Service Office. The Contractor assumes full responsibility for any parking violations.

Smoking is strictly prohibited on the grounds of any VHA facility. Per VHA Directive 1085 dated March 5, 2019, it is VHA policy that all VHA health care facilities, including hospitals, community clinics, administrative offices and Vet Centers, will be smoke-free for patients, visitors, contractors, volunteers, and vendors effective October 1, 2019. There will no longer be designated smoking areas.

2.12. Insurance Coverage

The Contractor agrees to procure and maintain, while the contract is in effect, Workers Compensation and Employee s Public Liability Insurance in accordance with Federal and State of California laws. The Contractor shall be responsible for all damage to property, which may be done by him, or any employee engaged in the performance of this contract.

The Government shall be held harmless against any or all loss, cost, damage, claim expense or liability whatsoever, because of accident or injury to persons or property of others occurring in the performance of this contract.

Before commencing work under this contract, the Contracting Officer shall require the Contractor to furnish certification from his/her insurance company indicating that the coverage specified by FAR 52.228-5 and per FAR Subpart 28.307-2 has been obtained and that it may not be changed or canceled without guaranteed thirty (30) day notice to the Contracting Officer.

The Contractor shall furnish to the Contracting Officer within fifteen (15) days of award an Official Certification from the insurance company indicating that the coverage has been obtained and that it may not be changed or cancelled without guaranteed thirty (30) day notice to the Contracting Officer. New certifications shall be furnished at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration date of the current insurance policy. The phrase will endeavor is not acceptable terms to the Government and such coverage carrying that phrase will be rejected and services may not be rendered until proper certificate is issued.

3. The solicitation document and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular 2020-01, dated 10/10/2019. The following provisions and clauses apply to this solicitation and can be found in enclosure 2.
3.a. FAR 52.212-1, Instructions to Offerors Commercial Items
3.b. FAR 52.212-2, Evaluation — Commercial Items
3.c. FAR 52.212-4, Contract Terms and Conditions — Commercial Items
3.d. FAR 52.212-5, Contract Terms and Conditions Required To Implement Statutes Or Executive Orders — Commercial Items
3.e. Supplemental Insurance Requirements
3.f. VAAR 852.219-10, VA Notice of Total Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Set-Aside
3.g. VAAR 852.219-74, Limitations on Subcontracting Monitoring and Compliance
3.h. FAR 52.233-2, Service of Protest
3.i. VAAR 852.233-70, Protest Content/Alternative Dispute Resolution
3.j. VAAR 852.233-71, Alternative Protest Procedure

4. Submit written offers in accordance with the following instructions, as well as Addendum to FAR 52.212-1, Instruction to Offerors. Oral offers will not be accepted. Complete and submit enclosure 1 via email no later than 10am PST Monday October 26, 2020 to Ositadima.ndubizu@va.gov. Ensure the following are completed and/or included in the quote packet:

4.3.a. Vendor Information with DUNS number and copy of C4 License
4.3.b. Acknowledgement of amendments
4.3.c. Concurrence/non-concurrence with solicitation terms, conditions, and provisions
4.3.d. Schedule of services
4.3.e. FAR 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications — Commercial Items

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