Market Research Questionnaire

The purpose of this document is for market research. This document does not commit or obligate the Government in any manner. Please complete all fields and provide documentation to support your responses below. Failure to respond fully to this questionnaire will render your response incomplete and your company s response will not be considered a viable source. Fill in the form completely and send to maria.teodoro-tanksley@va.gov no later than
05 Oct 2021 1:00 pm PST. Refer to Response to SS 36C26122Q0028 in the subject line of your email.

1a. Service Title: Solid Waste Management
1b. Service Brief Description Solid waste and recycle collection and disposal services at VA Northern California Health Care System (VANCHCS)

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7c. If SDVOSB or VOSB, are you registered in Vendor Information Pages (VIP)?

8. Any proposed payment terms?

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List company s past experience providing this service with the Federal government.

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The primary purpose of this acquisition is to provide the following actions: See attached PWS

15a. Of the service actions listed above, which one(s) will your company perform as the prime contractor using its own personnel without subcontracting?

15b. With respect to the service actions listed above, which action(s) do you intend on subcontracting or using other than your company s own personnel?

15c. Of those services that will be performed by subcontractor(s), approximately what percentage will they perform for each of the actions identified?

15d. What is the size status of the intended subcontractor(s)? (Note, SDVOSB/VOSB subcontractors must also be certified in VIP.) ________________________

15e. If you intend on subcontracting, please detail how you will be in compliance with the Limitations on Subcontracting.


1. STATEMENT OF WORK: The contractor shall provide sufficient number of storage containers and other equipment (e.g. pallets) for government use in storing of solid waste and recyclable materials prior to removal of existing containers by the contracting officer (CO). Removal to be accomplished from: VA Northern California Health Care System (VANCHCS).

2. DISPOSAL AND SANITATION REQUIREMENTS: Contractor shall assume full responsibility for compliance with all Federal, State, County and City laws, rules and regulations governing collection and disposal of solid waste and recyclable materials, in accordance with this statement of work:

3. The contractor shall be responsible for delivery of the containers and any necessary equipment at the start of the contract and as required (in the event quantities of waste materials increase) during the term of the contract, and as designated by the CO. The containers shall be fire-retardant and approved by the CO or Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) prior to placement at Government facility. Containers shall be delivered to and placed in the areas designated or directed by the COR. The contractor shall be responsible for the removal of containers at accomplishment or termination of the contract.

4. The contractor shall maintain the furnished containers in a clean and sanitary condition at ALL times. Contractor owned metal compactor containers shall be steam-cleaned once a month prior to returning the container to VA medical facility after disposal. The area immediately surrounding the containers shall be maintained in a clean, orderly and sanitary condition. Particular attention shall be paid to the prompt clean-up of oil and/or grease spills. Either generated from the vehicles(s) used to haul containers or because of containers leakage. The containers shall be kept in good repair: metal containers shall be painted when warranted (i.e. appearance of rust spots, stains excessive chipped areas, etc.). They shall be kept free of sharp edges and protrusions that could cause injury. Lids are to be maintained in operating condition.

5. If during the contract period, VA determines that the condition of any equipment supplies by the contractor constitutes a hazard to the health, safety or welfare of VA employees, patients, or the general community, the contractor shall, immediately upon receiving notice of such determination, by the CO or COR, remove the equipment from the VA installation and shall immediately replace it with equipment which is approve by the VA facility.

5.a.The VA may need unscheduled pull s or additional pulls. If the cost to do so is 10% more than the contract price VA will modify the contract to meet the needs.

5.b. The contractor shall repair, and or replace all inoperable or damaged equipment within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed 30 days from receiving notification by the COR or CO.

5.c. Contractor shall submit a contingency plan to the CO or COR, for any repairs or replacement of equipment that exceeds 30 days. Contingency plan shall be submitted within 5 days of exceedance.

6. The contractor shall provide a WEIGHT TICKET for each pickup, certifying the number of containers (s) and types of waste removed from the VA facility for transport and destruction. This weight ticket will be provided to the COR for each weekly pick up service. The contractor shall also provide a spreadsheet report to the COR monthly by email. The spreadsheet format shall be approved by the COR. At a minimum, it will show for each container; the site, size of container, types of waste, weight per container-pick-up, pick-up charge, landfill disposal charge, number of pick-ups, and total tons/month. This data shall be listed separately for each container. The report shall also provide total weights for solid waste disposed at a landfill and total weights of recyclables processed at other sites. The report shall use drop-down lists so that the data can be easily sorted. This report shall also have separate sheets for each month and a summary sheet for the fiscal year. Upon request from the COR, these reports shall also be sent to other VA employees.

7. LICENSES AND PERMITS: Contractor shall provide copies of all regulatory-required licenses and permits without costs to the Government for vehicles, operators and labor to remove bulk (container refuse in accordance and compliance with federal, state, municipal and local regulations, if requested.

8. Contractor shall observe all federal, state and local laws, regulations and procedures relative to the collection, transport, handling, storage, disposal; and residue disposal when providing waste removal services under the terms of this contract.

9. TYPES OF WASTE COVERED: The following listing specifies the most common types of waste, which may be disposed of under the terms of this contract: Government reserves the right to identify other types of waste to be disposed of under the terms of the contract.

Standard solid waste (trash)
Construction debris,.
Mixed recyclables (metal, plastic, wood, paper and cardboard.
Mattresses and beddings
Landscaping debris: including grass clippings, branches, leaves, etc.

10. TYPES OF WASTE NOT COVERED: The following listing specifies the most common types of waste not covered by the terms of this contract: the Government reserves the right to identify other types of waste not covered by the terms of this contract.

Regulated medical waste
Radioactive waste
Hazardous waste, including universal waste

11. ALTERNATE METHODS OF DISPOSAL: The Government reserves the right to dispose of any or all materials listed in the terms of this contract by alternate means, including recycling, composting, salvaging, etc. And to effect the removal of any or all materials listed in the tennis of this contract by alternate means, including sale, gift, or self delivery to a disposal, recycling or reconditioning site. Only such materials designated by the COR as being subject to the terms and conditions of this contract shall be removed by the contractor for fee.

12. HANDLING AND LOADING OF VEHICLES: Contractor’s employees shall remove all containers from the established collection sites. All containers shall be handled, moved, and placed in contractor’s vehicles in such a manner that the structural integrity of the container is maintained, waste is properly contained, and environmental contamination is prevented. The contractor shall reimburse the Government for any damage to Government property caused by removal operations of the contractor or his / her agent. In accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 52.246-25 incorporated by reference in Section CD, the contractor shall be liable for loss of or damage to the property of the Government when caused by the contractor for services performed under this contract.

12.1. Any mishaps involving vehicle used to transport waste shall be reported prior to contractor leaving station to COR, contracting Officer or Security Officer.

12.2. Contractor at no time shall leave vehicle in a position that could endanger the traffic: if it should be left unattended, hazard signs or road flares will be placed in front and back of the vehicle for traffic awareness.

12.3. Contractor drivers shall obey all the traffic rules within the Government property: i.e.: speed limits, one way, stop signs, loading zones, etc.

13. DISPOSAL FACILITIES: Contractor shall certify that facilities used for the disposal of waste under the terms of this contract are operated in compliance with and do comply with all federal, state and local regulations which govern the disposal of waste and disposal of waste and the operation of disposal facilities. Contractor shall certify that landfills, etc., used for the disposal of waste under the terms of this contract are operated as required by law, for the disposal of the type, or types, of waste being disposed and for the packaging employed. Contractor’s disposal facilities, and all facilities used by the contractor, to store, transport, transfer and dispose of waste under the terms of this contract shall be identified by name and location to VA and shall be available for inspection by authorized representatives of the VA upon twenty (24) hour notice, rented leased, sub-contracted and other non-contracted and other non- contractor owned facilities which are used to provide service under the terms of this contract must also be identify by name and location , and must be available for inspection by authorized representatives of VA upon twenty four (24) hour notice provided to the contractor.

14. SCHEDULES: Waste removal from the facilities will be accomplished Monday through Friday morning hours. The contractor shall remove all waste, which is designated by the facilities for removal each time service is provided under the terms of the contract: the contractor for pickup shall no designated shippable waste at a later time or date. The contractor shall immediately notify the contracting Officer and or COR of any delay, which may prevent timely removal of all accumulated waste within the limits set forth in the terms of this contract. Contractor shall respond to calls for emergency removal of waste within eight (8) hours of notification by the usable at all times, (e.g. answering service authorized to accept emergency service calls and contract contractor) such instructions shall be evoked in any situation where VA facilities determined that an emergency exits. Failure of the contractor to order pickup by other means, all costs to the VA incurred by the failure of the contractor to perform pickups as required will be deducted from amounts owed to the contractor by the Government. Failure to conduct regular schedule pickups will result in violation of the Department of the Healthcare and OSHA requirements.

End of Statement