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Department of Veterans Affairs
Boise, Idaho HBPC/VISN Administrative Office
Sources Sought Notice

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Seeks Expressions of Interest for 8,701 rentable square feet (RSF) of Space in the Boise, ID area

The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) seeks to lease the following space:
Space Type: Administrative
Square Footage: 8,701 RSF
Lease Term: 10 Years. Firm Term: 5 years; Soft Term: 5 years
Estimated Occupancy: March 14, 2023
Delineated Area: See below

This advertisement is a notice of a potential opportunity. This advertisement is not a solicitation for offers, nor is it a request for proposals. The purpose of this advertisement is to identify potential sources and suitable locations, and is not intended to pre-qualify or disqualify any potential offers. The Government will not pay for any costs incurred as a result of this advertisement. The Government cannot provide any warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of contents of the furnished information found within this advertisement; Government is under no responsibility to respond to and is unable to answer any inquiries regarding this advertisement. This notice is being published in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation 19.14 and DVA Acquisition Regulation 819.70.

The DVA currently occupies office and related space in a building under lease in Boise, ID that will be expiring in March 2023. The Government is considering alternative space if economically advantageous. In making this determination, the Government will consider, among other things, the availability of alternative space that potentially can satisfy the Government s requirements, as well as costs likely to be incurred through relocating, such as physical move costs, replication of tenant improvements and telecommunication infrastructure, and non-productive agency downtime. Continuity of services must be maintained.

The DVA seeks information from Potential Offerors who are capable of successfully performing a lease contract, including design and construction of the facility on a DVA pre-approved site, as well as all maintenance and operation requirements for the duration of the lease term. More information on DVA s requirements can be found on its Technical Information Library: HTTP://WWW.CFM.VA.GOV/TIL/.

DVA seeks to lease an estimated 8,701 RSF of space for use as a administrative office, in the delineated area (shown below) within the greater Boise, ID area. DVA will only consider leased space located in an existing building.

ABOA Square Feet SF, (also known as useable) is generally defined as the space remaining once common areas, lessor areas, and non-programmatic areas required by code are deducted from the rentable square feet (RSF) of the facility. ABOA does not include areas such as stairs, elevators, mechanical and utility rooms, ducts, shafts, vestibules, public corridors, and public toilets required by local code. A detailed definition will be provided by DVA, should a Request for Lease Proposals (RLP) be issued for this project.

Beneficial Occupancy (Estimated): March 14, 2023

Contracting Office and Expression of Interest Submission
All Interested parties (owners, brokers, or their legal representatives) should submit Expressions of Interest electronically no later than 1:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST) on September 16, 2021 to DVA s representative below:

Department of Veterans Affairs
Attn: Craig Wagstaff, Real Property Lease Contracting Officer
960 S. Broadway Avenue, Suite 460
Boise, ID 83706
Subject: Boise, ID – Office

Respondents are advised that the Government assumes no responsibility to award a lease based upon responses to this advertisement.

Tiered Evaluation
TIERED EVALUATIONS INCLUDING VETERAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESS CONCERNS: A solicitation may be issued as a tiered evaluation for SDVOSB concerns, or in the alternative, a tiered evaluation for VOSB concerns. If award cannot be made, the solicitation will be cancelled and the requirement resolicited.

The NAICS Code for this procurement is 531120 Lessors of Nonresidential Buildings, and the small business size standard is $41.5 million.

Lease Term
Up to 10 years total: 5-year firm, 5-year soft term.

DVA makes monthly lease rental payments in arrears upon facility acceptance and may elect to make a single lump-sum payment or amortize over the course of the firm term for specified tenant improvements. DVA makes no progress payments during the design or tenant improvements/build-out phases of the project.

Tenant Improvements/Buildout
The magnitude of the anticipated tenant improvements/buildout for this project is:

Anticipated Magnitude

Less than $5,000;

Between $25,000 and $100,000;

Delineated Area
To receive consideration, submitted properties must be located within the following area described below, which is bound by the following roads; properties fronting any of the following boundary lines will also be considered:

North E. Warm Springs Avenue Extended
East W. Parkcenter Blvd Extended
South W. Beacon Street Extended
West S. Vista Avenue Extended

Please see the site below for the requested delineated area:

Additional Requirements
The offered space:
The building must meet or be able to economically meet the seismic requirements for buildings in High Seismic or Medium activity area(s) as defined in American Department of Veterans Affairs Handbook H-08-18 references to American Society of Civil Engineers 7 Section 1.5. Offers of existing buildings will be evaluated according to the procedures in ASCE 31-02 for the Immediate Occupancy Performance Level.
Shall be contiguous and built to DVA specifications.
Shall be zoned for DVA s intended use.
Shall be a full-service lease (shall include janitorial service and utilities).
Shall not be in the FEMA 100-year flood plain.
Shall not be a sublease.
Shall include a minimum of 50 parking spaces (including handicap accessible spaces in accordance with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements)
The offered facility should be on a public bus transportation route and located no further than 2,640 feet from a public bus transportation stop. Convenient access to public transportation is a positive.
The DVA prefers properties, including sidewalks and parking lots that are level with the main building entrance for patient access.
Shall meet Federal and Local Government requirements for fire safety, physical security, accessibility, and sustainability standards per the terms of the solicitation for offers or request for proposals.


Company name:
Company address:
Dunn & Bradstreet number:
Point of contact:
Phone number:
Email address:
Location on map, demonstrating the following:
building lies within the Delineated Area;
depicting the property boundaries, building, and parking;
uses of adjacent properties;
location of nearest bus and/or train stop, and major transportation routes.
Floor plan showing ABOA square footage of proposed space;
Evidence that the Offeror owns both the building and the property;
A description of any planned land development or construction that will affect the site, including neighboring projects and road/utility line construction;
A document indicating the type of zoning and that DVA s intended use is permissible for the proposed space;
Evidence of SDVOSB / VOSB status through registration at VIP HTTPS://WWW.VIP.VETBIZ.GOV/;
Evidence of ability to offer as a small business under NAICS Code 531120 and listing in the System for Award Management (www.SAM.gov).

This is not a request for lease proposals (RLP), only a request for information for planning purposes, and does not constitute a solicitation. A solicitation may or may not be issued.