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Aug 22, 2020 | Sources Sought


Page 8-2 VA Leasing Handbook – Revised Outline
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The Department of Veterans Affairs desires to lease sufficient rentable square footage to yield 45,917 rentable square feet in Aurora, CO for use as clinical / office space. The space must be on no more than 1 floor of contiguous space and can be provided by modification of existing space. On-site surface parking for 115 vehicles is required. A firm-term lease for up to 20 years will be considered.
The delineated area for this space is:
North: E. Hampden Ave.
East: E-470.
South: E. Arapahoe Rd.
West: S. Parker Rd

A market survey (on site visit) of properties offered for lease will be conducted by VA, the proposed space will be used for a medical clinic. Interested offerors must provide proof of their leasehold or ownership interest, full service rental rate, proposed free rent (if any), year building was built and year of last upgrade with expression of interest.

The Government is limited by law (40 USC 278a, as Amended 10-1-81) to pay no more than the appraised fair rental value for space.

Please note: This advertisement is not a solicitation for offers, nor is it a request for proposals. A solicitation for offers may be issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs at a later date.

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