36C25820Q0210 – Sources Sought – 6515–36C25820Q0210 Mobile MRI & CT LEASE

Sep 4, 2020 | Sources Sought


This RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation. All information received in response to this RFI that is marked as proprietary will be handled accordingly. IAW FAR 15.201(e), responses to this notice are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. Responders are solely responsible for all expenses associated with responding to this RFI.
This is NOT a solicitation announcement. This is a sources sought/RFI only. The purpose of this sources sought/RFI is strictly for market research to gain knowledge of potential qualified sources and their size classification relative to NAICS 334517 Irradiation Apparatus Manufacturing (size standard of 1000 Employees). Responses to this sources sought will be used by the Government to determine interest and capability of potential qualified sources of supply and determine the socioeconomic size classification of the supplier and manufacturer of the end item. After review of the responses to this sources sought, a solicitation announcement may be published. Responses to this sources sought synopsis are not considered adequate responses for a solicitation announcement.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), VISN 22 Network Contracting Office Gilbert, is seeking sources to determine the availability of vendors capable of providing the requirement for a mobile shielded short bore 1.5 Tesla MRI Scanner and a 64-slice CT scanner during bed tower construction and upgrade at the Southern AZ VA Health Care System hereafter (SAVAHCS). The following information were identified as facility requirements:

Contractor shall provide a vendor owned portable MRI scanner and CT scanner (minimum features seen below) in a trailer not to exceed 52 in length including transportation to and from the location and PACS connectivity/hook up. The entire offering of a MRI Mobile Trailer service shall meet all local, state, federal, industry, Joint Commission NEC, NFPA, VA, OSHA, and other regulatory standards internal or external applicable to the SAVAHCS.

The selected vendor is expected to provide specific services as follows:

Mobile MRI and CT units on site 7 days per week.
System manufacturer of the MRI and CT must meet the minimum specifications (System Requirements below)
VA MRI and CT technologists will operate the MRI and CT and prefer a Make and Model MRI and CT that will require minimum applications training, and that matches the current in-house operating system.
The Vendor is responsible for transporting the units to and from the location.
The Vendor is responsible for the maintenance of the unit by an OEM FSE, including all Preventative Maintenance (PM), and all Parts and Labor. After each service the OEM FSE must provide a vendor Engineering Service Report (ESR) to Biomed staff.
The VA will be responsible for cleaning and infection control measures.
System must be able to transfer image and data to multiple modalities including PACs, and VISTA Imaging. OEM FSE will establish network connectivity at the site in coordination with local IT/PACs staff. Verification of connectivity must be made prior to the start of patient procedures.
System scan protocols must be verified and validated by VA staff radiologists.
Mobile MRI and CT units will remain in place during the duration of the contract.
Vendor agrees to cooperate with VA for quality control purposes.
Upon removal of equipment from the VA custody, any memory storage devices, such as hard drives, solid state drives and non-volatile memory units will remain in VA control and will not be removed from VA custody.

Section A:

MRI and CT Trailer

Minimum size is 12 wide x 52 long to accommodate full access inside trailer and around MRI scanner.
Trailer must contain an ABA (Architectural Barriers Act) compliant Patient Dressing Area: minimum size of 5 x 5 that contains storage for exam gowns and lockable storage for patient personal items.
Hand washing sink.
Handicapped accessible
The MRI trailer shall provide the space sufficient for the monitoring of sedated patients and conducting CPR and code, if needed.
The Mobile Trailer shall also have an intercom system between the control room and scanning room

Section B:

1.5T MRI Scanner

With Minimum Features:
Most current software level per vendor (min 23/24X, R5 etc)
Windows 7 or later or non-Windows system
Minimum 16 Channel systems
High Performance Gradient System
Parallel Imaging
Reconstructor high speed
In bore fan
Advanced Scan tools for:
o Neuro
o Body
o Ortho
o Angiography
Diffusion Imaging Performance Package
Angio Performance Package:
o Automatic table motion
o Automatic bolus detection and triggering software
o Quantitative Flow Analysis
High Resolution LCD Monitor
DICOM Workflow Management
IHE Schedule Workflow
Physiological Synchronization
DVD read/write device
DICOM Store/Query/Retrieve
Patient Headset with two-way communication
Coils and associated pads:
o Quadrature Body Coil
o 16 Channel Head Coil
o 8-16 Channel Knee Coil
o 16 Channel Torso/Body Coil
o Flexible Coils
o CT L Spine Coil
o 16 Channel Sense NV Coil
o 8 Channel Shoulder Coil
o 8 Channel Foot/Ankle Coil
o 8 Channel Wrist Coil
o 4-8 Channel Small Joint Coil
o Medrad Solaris Injector or comparable
64-slice Scanner

With Minimum Features:
Most current software level per vendor (min 23/24X, R5 etc)
Windows 7 or later or non-Windows system
100kW generator
0.30 second rotation time
Simplified and automated processes
Dose minimizing software
Fast reconstruction capabilities
Gantry tilt, including spiral acquisitions
Advanced Scan tools for:
o Oncology
o Neuro
o Ortho
o Angiography
o Cardiology
o 3D
o Acute Care
Diffusion Imaging Performance Package
Angio Performance Package:
o Automatic table motion
o Automatic bolus detection and triggering software
o Quantitative Flow Analysis
High Resolution LCD Monitor
DICOM Workflow Management
IHE Schedule Workflow
Physiological Synchronization
DVD read/write device
DICOM Store/Query/Retrieve
Patient Headset with two-way communication
Medrad Solaris Injector or comparable

The information identified above is intended to be descriptive, not restrictive and to indicate the quality of the supplies/services that will be satisfactory. It is the responsibility of the interested source to demonstrate to the government that the interested parties can provide the supplies/services that fulfill the required specifications.
Interested companies who are capable of providing the sought-out supplies/services shall provide, at a minimum, the following information with their response;
Company Name and Address:
Point of Contact (POC)
o Name:
o Email Address:
o Phone Number:
DUNS Number:
Mark if your firm is eligible for participation in one of the following small business programs. If so, please indicate the program:
[ ] yes [ ] no – Small Business (SB)
[ ] yes [ ] no – HUBZone
[ ] yes [ ] no – Small Business 8(a)
[ ] yes [ ] no – Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)
[ ] yes [ ] no – Women-Owned (WO) Small Business
[ ] yes [ ] no – Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
[ ] yes [ ] no – Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB)
[ ] yes [ ] no – Large Business
[ ] yes [ ] no – Other (please specify)
Please answer the following questions:
[ ] yes [ ] no – Does not exceed 1000 employees; (for NAICS 334517, must be verifiable thru the System for Award Management)
[ ] yes [ ] no – Is primarily engaged in the retail or wholesale trade and normally sells the type of item being supplied;
[ ] yes [ ] no – Takes ownership or possession of the item(s) with its personnel, equipment or facilities in a manner consistent with industry practice (identify how this occurs); and
[ ] yes [ ] no – Will supply the end item of a small business manufacturer, processor or producer made in the United States, or obtains a waiver of such requirement pursuant to paragraph (b)(5) CFR 121.406.
[ ] yes [ ] no – Are you the manufacturer, distributor, or an equivalent solution to the items being referenced above?
[ ] yes [ ] no – Does your company have an FSS contract with GSA or the NAC or are you a contract holder with NASA SEWP or any other federal contract? If so, please provide the contract number.
[ ] yes [ ] no – If you are an FSS GSA/NAC or NASA SEWP contract holder or other federal contract holder, are the items/solution you are providing information for available on your schedule/contract?

Please submit your capabilities in regards to the salient characteristics being provided and any information pertaining to equal to items to establish capabilities for planning purposes?

Note: Do not include Proprietary, classified, confidential, or sensitive information in responses.
In addition to providing the information requested above, responding companies are encouraged to include any relevant information (specifications, cut sheets, brochures, capability statement, past experience etc.) to confirm the company s ability to meet the requirements outlined in this request.
Responses to this notice shall be submitted via email to abdalia.smith@va.gov. Telephone responses shall not be accepted. Responses must be received no later than Monday, September 28 , 2020 at 5:00 p.m. MST. If a solicitation is issued it shall be announced at a later date, and all interested parties must respond to that solicitation announcement separately from the responses to this sources sought. Responses to this sources sought notice are not a request to be added to a prospective bidders list or to receive a copy of the solicitation.

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