36C25720Q1235 – Combined Synopsis/Solicitation – 6515–Eyelink – Eye Tracking System

Aug 22, 2020 | SDVOSB Set-Asides

Toya Harris-Askew June 26, 2020
Statement of Work


The VISN 17 Center of Excellence (COE) for Research on Returning War Veterans in Waco, Texas, was designated in 2006. Congress instructed the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to designate the Waco campus as a Center of Excellence to focus on mental health/post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) needs. The COE will allow the VA to consolidate personnel, training, and specialized resources in an efficient manner to improve knowledge related to treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, and clinical services to our nation s veterans, with focus on those veterans returning from Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom (OIF/OEF).

The primary mission of the VISN 17 Center of Excellence (COE) is to (1) develop, implement, and disseminate research into the causes of PTSD and its effects on combat veterans and their significant others; and (2) provide education for health care specialists and administrators around improved methods of diagnosing and treating individuals with mental health problems, especially veterans. The COE serves as a major source of expertise on the mental health consequences of war to legislative bodies such as Congress, and it serves as an internationally visible focus of research activity on the psychological problems of combat veterans. Administratively, the COE consortium is under the direct control of the Office of Mental Health Services at VA Central Office.
In support of our primary mission,

In support of the above Background, the requested procurement of services will allow scientists at the Center of Excellence to measure eye movements during MRI Scans and in the behavioral laboratory. The measurement of eye movements allows the in vivo characterization of the effects of disease and injury (head injury, PTSD, depression, substance use) on specific brain structures. Additionally, eye movements have been used to assess the effects of medications on brain function as well as assess recovery from injury. These methods are the only ones that allow quantifiable non-invasive assessment in humans. These methods are supported by basic science and animal research.


Long Range EyeLink 1000 Plus with Workstation Host PC for use in Philips MRI with head-side back-projected image.
Tray Mount without Screen included for in-bore operation, and Screen Clamp Mount for possible mounting to existing infrastructure.
2 X BNC power cable for penetration panel power plus in-bore power potential.
User has existing front surface mirror.
Specifically an eye tracking SYSTEM that includes all of the following:
EyeLink 1000 Plus Core Unit, High-speed camera, Host PC/Monitor, Cabling, 24 Month Warranty, Perpetual Technical Support
EyeLink 1000 Plus High Speed Tracking Camera Upgrade
Fiber Optic Camera Head, Long Range Mounting Bar, Desktop Base, 9m power cable, clips and 890nm Illuminator
50mm lens for MRI, hand worked to remove most ferromagnetic content, including iris.
75mm lens for MRI, hand worked to remove most ferromagnetic content, including iris.
SR Research Experiment Builder and Data Viewer Software Bundle with Single USB License Key
Philips Tray Mount for Achieva and Ingenia. Mount and Hardware are included without backprojection screen.
Screen Clamp Mount for MEG/MRI. Affix to solid frame or stand.
EyeLink Remote Video-based Training and Installation (up to 12 hours in up to 3 separate sessions)

Shipping: Department of Veterans Affairs Doris Miller Department of VAMC, Center of Excellence 4800 Memorial Drive, Bldg 93, Waco, TX 76711

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