36C25621R0008 – Sources Sought – X1AA–Succeeding Lease for Galveston

Oct 7, 2020 | Sources Sought

Sources Sought Notice Number: 36C25621R0008

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Network Contracting Office 16 (NCO16), is posting this Source Sought Notice for the purpose of locating lease properties that fall within the delineate area listed below. The Government’s lease is expiring, and the Veterans Affairs is seeking a succeeding lease with the current lessor. Currently the Galveston Community Based Outpatient Clinic occupies 7,942 Net Useable Square Feet (NUSF) located at 3828 Ave N. Galveston, TX 77550. The VA will consider an alternative space only if economically advantageous. In making this determination, Government will conduct a financial evaluation and analysis of cost likely to be incurred through relocating, such as physical move cost, replication of tenant improvement, labor hours, site preparation, telecommunication infrastructure, cleaning services, non-productive agency downtime and other related cost to meet VA requirements. All businesses are to also include small businesses SDVOSB, VOSB, SB, etc. within the delineate area are encourage participate. The space must be located on the first floor of the building. Net usable square feet do not include areas such as stairs, elevators, mechanical and utility rooms, ducts, shafts, vestibules, public corridors and public toilets required by local code. The building must be able to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and meet certain security requirements as set forth in the Interagency Security Committee Standards and the Department of Justice Security Standards. The building must be constructed of masonry, concrete, or steel framing. On-site parking must accommodate the greater of: (i) local code required pro-rata share of parking allotted to the building for the duration of the lease term or (ii) a minimum of 40 parking spaces; with adequate handicapped accessible spaces shall be provided by the Lessor in accordance with local codes. The parking area must also meet all requirements of Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standards (ABAAS). VA is anticipating awarding a lease to a qualified party before October 1, 2022.

The delineated area of consideration is defined below: South Texas.
North: Hwy 87
South: Bernardo De Galvez Ave
East: 33rd Street
West: 43rd Street

The Offered Space:

Shall meet Federal and State Government requirements for fire safety, accessibility, seismic and sustainability standards per the terms of the Lease. The offered space shall be fully serviced (which includes cleaning services, pest control and the removal of pest) Hours of operation: 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday, but accessible to VA personnel 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Building shall not be in the 100 year flood plain. Space shall not be next to a bar, liquor store or like establishment. Space shall not be located near a residential hotel; and Space shall not be located near an area where it is known that illegal activities occur such as illegal drugs sales. It is preferred that the space be located on the first floor. Access to the space from the parking area must not involve traversing a busy road, highway or other thoroughfare. Space must be available for occupancy no later than 1 October 2022. A market survey of the offered space may be conducted by VA. Lease space must be approximately 7,942 Net Useable Square Feet. The space needs to be contiguous (not some space on the 5th floor, 3rd floor and 1st floor). It is preferable that it is 1st floor, campus setting property. A variety of inexpensive or moderately priced fast food and/or eat-in restaurants shall be located within the immediate vicinity of the building, but generally not exceeding a walkable ¼ mile distance. Other employee services, such as retail shops, cleaners, banks, etc. shall also be located within the same walkable ¼ mile distance. The facility shall be served by a bus line with a bus stop within 150 feet of the front entrance.

The space submitted will be given a score of Pass or Fail. Sites that do not meet the minimum requirements and are given a failing grade will NOT be considered further and offers for such sites will NOT be evaluated.

Expressions of Interest should include the following information, as know, or available. Please note that time is of the essence, please provide as much information as possible to enable VA to evaluate your offered property. VA reserves the right to eliminate a property that fails to provide sufficient information.

All submission should include the following information:

1. Address or location description and legal description.
2. Location on map demonstrating the site is within the delineated area.
3. Ingress/egress to street(s)
4. Evidence of proper zoning for medical office use.
5. FEMA map evidencing that the property lays outside 100-year flood plain.
6. Narrative and map depicting proximity to the nearest bus and/train stop.
7. Access to site from major transportation routes.
8. Brokers, developers, or legal representatives must show written acknowledgement and permission to represent and develop the property.
9. Property Owners and/or developers must provide written proof of ownership or non-contingent control of property at the time of submission of initial bids.
10. Describe any future development affecting the site including neighboring projects and road/public utility line constructions.
11. Age of building
12. Total existing net usable square feet
13. Site plan depicting the building as is
14. Block or floor plan of space proposed for offer.
15. Identification on site plan demonstrating location of parking to be dedicated for VA s use.

Occupancy is required by October 1, 2022

Market Survey:

An initial evaluation of the offered space will be evaluated to determine if the offered space meets VA s criteria as listed within this advertisement. If the offered spaces meet VA s criteria a market survey may be necessary to evaluate the submission. Market survey of the offered space will be conducted by VA.

Interested offers (owners, brokers, or their legal representatives) shall submit specific information concerning their properties via email to Sean Rogers no later than 4:00pm (CST) on October 20, 2020 additionally, questions can be sent via email.

Additional Information: Please ensure all responses have the Sources Sought Notice number listed on all documentation.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Sean Rogers
Contracting Officers NCO, Houston Veterans Healthcare Systems
2002 Holcombe Blvd Houston, TX 77030
Telephone number:713-791-1414
E-Mail sean.rogers2@va.gov

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