36C25620Q1137 – Sources Sought – J065–Sources Sought for corrective and/ or preventative maintenance on Endoscope Equipment.

Aug 14, 2020 | Sources Sought

The purpose for this source sought notice is to locate interested companies that can furnish the REQUIREMENTS listed in the SOW that is attached.
Offeror’s capability to meet this requirement including any current contracts with more than 2 years of Period of Performance (Civilian or Government) to include meeting the below listed accreditations or similar standards, facility description, capabilities, and certifications.
Responses must show clear and convincing evidence that your company and its employees have the capabilities, training, and qualifications to provide this service to be considered as a source.
The following information is requested in a response to this RFI:

1. General Company information-
Offeror’s company name, DUNS, full address, point of contact, title, phone number, and email address.
Contact Person:
Phone number:
Email address:
DUNS number:
Cage Code Number:
Company website if available:

2. Business Type Please put a check mark or circle around the type of business you are below:
a) Large
b) 8(a)
c) HubZone
d) Small Business
e) Small Disadvantaged Business
f) Woman Owned Small Business
g) Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business
h) Veteran Owned Small Business
***Note – All Veteran Owned Businesses must be registered in VetBiz at http://www.vip.vetbiz.gov/general_user/register/default.asp to be considered a Veteran Owned Business. Socioeconomic status (whether Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), Hubzone, 8(a), Woman Owned, Small Disadvantaged, etc.). If stating SDVOSB or VOSB status, your company must be verified with the seal/icon or show pending verification in VetBiz Registry (https://www.vip.vetbiz.gov//) to be considered as a SDVOSB or VOSB source.
3. How long has your company provided these services?
See attached Past Performance.
4. Provide information for any current or past VA contracts for these products and services.
5. Is your company registered in the System for Award Management at WWW.SAM.GOV?
The NAICS code for the procurement is 811219 and the small business size standard is $22 Million dollars.
Any future RFP will be conducted in accordance with FAR Parts 12 and 15. The Government may elect to award a Firm Fixed Price contract resulting from the solicitation.

Responses to this market survey should be e mailed to shawn.vanzandt@va.gov.
No telephone responses will be accepted.

Please provide a detailed response to the below Performance Work Statement stating how you can meet all aspects stated.

It is requested that responses be received no later than 2:00 pm Central, August 24th, 2020.
*NOTE* SDVOSB Contractors to provide documentation to fulfill capabilities of the following clause: FAR 52.219-27.
No solicitation document is available currently; this notice is to acquire information only. Vendors interested in providing an offer will have to respond to a separate solicitation announcement.

Endoscope Reprocessing Equipment Service Contract

The contractor shall provide all parts, labor, tools, materials, equipment, software, facilities, travel, transportation, and supervision necessary to complete all work associated with performing corrective or and preventive maintenance services on SPS equipment listed in Appendix A, Equipment List, for the Veterans health Care System of the Ozarks (VHSO) Fayetteville VAMC Facility, 1100 N. College Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72703-1944, in complete and strict accordance with the contract and all attachments thereto.

The Veteran Health Care System of the Ozarks (VHSO) owns and/or operates medical systems and devices that require various types of service. The purpose of this contract is to ensure;
All equipment shall be maintained to operate in a correct and safe manner as intended and designed by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM);
The contractor shall perform all tasks associated with scheduled preventive maintenance per Appendix A of this SOW. All preventive maintenance shall be completed no later than the last day of the month identified in Appendix A for each piece of equipment.
Keep all service records under one contractor;
All software operates as designed;
All equipment/items shall be inspected to ensure safe and correct operation in compliance with applicable local, state and federal regulations; and,
Equipment downtime shall be kept to a minimum by maintaining no less than a 98% in-service rate for all covered equipment.

The contractor shall provide the following services as a minimum:
Provide emergency repair on equipment to return it to OEM specified operating parameters.
Priority Emergency Service Response including a factory certified field service engineer on-site within 4 hours of emergency service notification.
Any and all services not covered by the Price/Cost Schedule (Section B.1 of the Contract) must be approved, in writing, by the Contracting Officer.
Priority Parts Delivery including overnight shipping of parts.
Telephone support for clinical applications and biomedical troubleshooting as needed.
Hardware reliability updates
All system software and safety upgrades will be included at no extra cost.
This contract ensures that all equipment is verified to operate correctly and follow applicable local, state, and federal regulations.

All items shipped by the contractor shall be shipped overnight, at no additional cost to the Government. Return shipping of any replaced parts shall also be at no additional cost to the Government. The contractor may determine the preferred method of shipping for returned items and shall provide an appropriate reutnr shipping authorization umber.
All items shipped to:
Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks
C/O (See COR Delegation Letter)
1100 N. College Ave.
Fayetteville, AR 72703-1944

Vendor must be able to access all necessary software in the equipment to perform the contracted functions.
All personnel completing tasks will have OEM certified training on the equipment that they will service. Vendor will provide training documentation when requested by the Contracting Officer s Representative (COR).
If the Government agrees to any service that will result in additional cost, such service shall be pre-approved, in writing by the Contracting Officer. Rates shall be those contract rates in affect at the contract start date.
If vendor desires to provide service after normal hours at no additional cost to the Government, a request can be made to the COR for an escort. Afterhours work will normally only be approved if a Government escort is available to stay with the vendor during all work.
The COR must be contacted in the following situations:
To schedule any work.
After arriving on site but before any work is started.
To provide an approximate timeframe for the work.
As soon as it is known that the work will take longer than expected.
At completion of work prior to leaving the facility.
To report any incomplete aspects of the work or issues that could not be corrected during the visit.
To provide a written plan for corrective action for any work that cannot be completed within 24 hours. Plan must be provided to and approved by the COR.
A service ticket will be provided to the COR for each visit, for each separate equipment item, for which service is performed. The service ticket can be a hard copy or electronically transmitted to the COR. Service tickets/documentation will be provided within 5 days of the actual work being completed.
All test equipment used for this contract will have current calibration dates verifiable with documents traceable back to the US Bureau of Standards. Vendor will produce documents upon request.
Proper Lockout-tag out procedures will be used when appropriate.
All OEM recommended safety aspects of the equipment being serviced will be adhered to.
All work will be completed in accordance with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) specifications and recommended procedures.
All adjustments will be completed using OEM software as intended by the equipment design.

Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks Fayetteville VAMC, 1100 N. College Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72703-1944
Work may be performed remotely (remote connection) if possible with prior permission from the COR. All necessary security and privacy issues shall be addressed and complied with by the vendor before any remote connection or service is performed. Remote service access is extremely limited due to the heightened security requirements on our information networks. Vendor requests might not be approved.
Equipment may only be removed from the facilities for service with prior permission from the COR. Proper accountability documentation must be completed prior to removal.
VA will supply a useable work space for portable equipment service.

Vendors shall obtain an access badge from the VA Police Department while performing work on-site.
Vendor shall contact the COR whenever work is being performed in any VA facility to determine if an escort is needed. Biomed will arrange for an escort if needed.
Information System Security
The contractor shall ensure adequate LAN/Internet, data, information, and system security in accordance with VA standard operating procedures and standard contract language, conditions laws, and regulations. 
The contractor s firewall and web server shall meet or exceed the government minimum requirements for security. 
All government data shall be protected behind an approved firewall. 
Any security violations or attempted violations shall be reported to the COR as soon as possible. 
The contractor shall follow all applicable VA policies and procedures governing information security, especially those that pertain to certification accreditation.
Security Training: All contractor employees who require access to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ computer systems are required to complete the VA’s on-line Security Awareness Training Course and the Privacy Awareness Training Course annually. Contractors must provide signed certifications of completion to the COR during each year of the contract. This requirement is in addition to any other training that may be required of the contractor and subcontractor(s).

7.1 Sensitive Information access, whether it be electronic files and/or hard copy files, is authorized based upon the contractor s roles, responsibilities, and need-to-know.  Respecting the privacy of sensitive personal information is an obligation that must adhered to.
The preliminary and final deliverables and all associated working papers, application source code, and other material deemed relevant by the VA which have been generated by the contractor in the performance of this task order are the exclusive property of the U.S. Government and shall be submitted to the CO at the conclusion of the task order.
The CO will be the sole authorized official to release verbally or in writing, any data, the draft deliverables, the final deliverables, or any other written or printed materials pertaining to this task order.  No information shall be released by the contractor.  Any request for information relating to this task order presented to the contractor shall be submitted to the CO for response.
Press releases, marketing material or any other printed or electronic documentation related to this project, shall not be publicized without the written approval of the CO.

Base: 10/1/2020 9/30/2021
Option 1: 10/1/2021- 9/30/2022
Option 2: 10/1/2022 – 9/30/2023
Option 3: 10/1/2023 – 9/30/2024
Option 4: 10/1/2024 – 9/30/2025

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