36C25521Q0273 – Sources Sought – Isolation Panels Deficiencies Correction

Mar 23, 2021 | Sources Sought

STATEMENT OF Performance

Isolation Panels Deficiencies Corrections

Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center

  1. Scope

The contractor shall provide complete software package and any additional

Hardware, inter-connection cable, tools, equipment, parts, machinery and manpower to repair or make needed calibrations at the Robert J. Dole Medical Center (VA).

 Lock out / Tag out procedures must be followed on all energized / deenergized circuits.

 Based on the last Electric Field Service test report the following services will be needed.

•Field Services contractor will provide (1) Field Service Representative(s) to be On-Site for (2) Days.

Building 34 Panel OR2-IPU3 “Green light is out”-Replacing defective remote indicator and Line Isolation Monitor.

Building 02 Panel Cath Lab-IP-CL2” Audible Alarm is faulty” Replace panel indicator, remote indicator and Line Isolation Monitor.

Alternate: In addition, found issues with the grounding in booms that SE wasn’t testing as part of the inspection project. In OR3-the recommendation is that the electrical contractor who installed the ISO Panels be called back to perform this work.  Retesting to be completed after completion.

RJDMC Responsibilities

•Provide free and clear access to the equipment.

•Provide qualified personnel familiar with the electrical equipment to perform all switching, de-energization, re-energization, grounding and lockout of the equipment.

•Coordinate all power outages and absorb any related costs.

•Provide lighting and 120V power with GFI for Square D Services' onsite electrical equipment, if required.

•Provide a list of job site hazards specific to its operation. These may include, but are not limited, to confined spaces, presence of chemicals and contaminants, and other operations in the area.

•Provide emergency response training or documentation to Square D employees.

•Notify its own employees to keep unqualified employees away from the work area for their own protection.

•All costs, if any, incurred due to rescheduling of services.

•Labor and expense cost overruns due to 1) delays by others; or 2) equipment is not ready to be serviced.

Work Not Included

•Any site-specific or customer-specific safety or clearance training greater than one hour conducted during the date of service or required outside the dates of service.


_X Shutdown scheduled working hours: Monday through Friday, 5:00pm – 3:00am. *

*Excluding holidays, unless otherwise specified

Scheduling will be set up by VA personnel and work will start within 24 hours

 of the VA personnel request or an agreed upon time and date.

  1. Service Provided by Contractor

Contractor will provide:

  1. Correction of deficiencies as stated
  2.  Locks for Lock out / tag out requirements
  3.  Qualified personal
  4.  Repairs equipment or parts as needed.
  5. Installation Labor
  6. Re-testing of corrected deficiencies
  1. Required Services

The contractor shall provide a complete turnkey installation of all software

And any hardware interconnections required for proper operation.   The contractor shall

Provide full maintenance on site to include all replacement parts, labor, travel expenses,

Shipping charges, tools, test equipment and other incidentals necessary to maintain or

Restore the listed workstations to operation specifications according to the manufactures’

Recommendations from one year after installation at no extra charge.  The maintenance

Shall be provided during business hours of 7:30AM – 5:00PM, Monday thought Friday unless

otherwise noted, Excluding federal holidays.

  1.  Identification, Parking, and Smoking VA Regulations

The contractor shall obtain a contractor’s badge from the Engineering office

 in Building 20.  The badge shall be worn in a visible location on the worker at all

 times while on the premises of the VA property.  It is the responsibility of the contractor

 park in the appropriate designated parking areas.  Information on parking is

 available from the VA Police.  The VA will not invalidate or make reimbursement for

 parking violations of the contractor under any condition.  Smoking is prohibited inside

 any buildings at the VA.  All completed service or installations will be confirmed and

 approved by a VA Engineering COR.  On completion of service the contractor

  must return Identification badge back to building 20.

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