36C25521Q0259 – Sources Sought – DUAL ARM-MODEL 2000-16 PAK-TYERS

Mar 19, 2021 | Sources Sought

STATEMENT OF Requirement


Pak Tyers are needed to bundle Washcloths, Bath Towels, Pillowcases, PJ tops and bottoms, bath robes, Patient gowns, hand towels, snap gowns, cook aprons, bibs, and various personal items for patient care at 5 VA Medical Centers. Through laundry contract with the 5 VA Medical Centers, all required items listed above need to be tied/bundled. The Dual arm model 2000-16 pak tyer is efficient as it ties in dual form and requires less feeding to tie each bundle of linen items.

  • It’s dimensions are 42” width, 72” height, and 36.5” in depth. The machine weighs 325 lbs. Its table size is 42”x24” and has a product height of 16”.
  • The machine is capable of completing 2,400 cycles per hour, the machine is also ergonomic, which its mobile design combats labor fatigue and backlogs so you can focus less on tying and more on your upstream operations.

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