36C25220R0159 – Sources Sought – X1DB–GLAC SUPERSEDING LEASE PACKAGE

Sep 30, 2020 | Sources Sought

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) seeks to lease the following space:
Delineated Area:
North Boundary: South side of Bluemound Road
South Boundary: North side of National Avenue.
East Boundary: West side of Miller Park Way
West Boundary: East side of South Moreland Road.

Maximum Rentable Sq. Ft.:
Maximum Usable Sq. Ft.
Space Type:
Parking Spaces (Total):
Full Term:
10-20 Years
Firm Term:
5 Years
Govt. Termination Rights:
90 days notice after firm term
Current lease expires:
Occupancy Required By:

The Government is interested in considering alternative space if economically advantageous; otherwise the Government intends to pursue a sole source acquisition. The Government will consider the cost of moving, alterations, etc., when deciding whether it should relocate.

Space must be handicapped accessible, (ADA compliant), with a minimum of 142 parking spaces for the exclusive use of the Government and its customers. Interested offerors, (owners, brokers, or their legal representatives) should submit specific information concerning their properties, photos, general layout of the space offered, location of the space, and approximate price-per-square-foot by E-mail no later than 23:59 on 10/07/2020 to the following:

Matthew Hohl
Phone: 414-844-4816

With a copy to: Julie LeCourt
Phone: 414-844-4836
If your submission exceeds 8 MB, send in multiple e-mails. Utilizing a read-receipt is advised.

NOTE: In accordance with 41CFR §102-73.55, Federal agencies must acquire leases on the most favorable basis to the Federal Government, with due consideration to maintenance and operational efficiency, and at charges consistent with prevailing market rates for comparable facilities in the community.

Respondents are advised that the VA assumes no responsibility to award a lease based on the responses to this advertisement. VA will not pay commissions. Offerors are responsible for any costs associated with providing proposals to the Government. VA is only gathering market research information at this point and will only consider proposals from owners, landlords, lessors, or their legal representatives when actual proposals/offers are sought via solicitation as a result of this market research.
NOTE: This advertisement is not a solicitation for offers, nor is it a request for proposals. A Request for Lease Proposal (RLP) may be issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs at a later date.

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