36C25220Q0863 – Sources Sought – 6525–Esophageal manometry system

Sep 2, 2020 | Sources Sought

The Great Lakes Acquisition Center, on behalf of the Clement J Zablocki VAMC is seeking to acquire a new Esophageal manometry system that can determine the strength and muscle coordination of the esophagus when you swallow. The software should be able to do anorectal manometry, high resolution manometry, and high-resolution anorectal manometry. The system should also come with a report builder that is able to print and save reports to PDF, JPG, WORD, and Excel. The manometry unit should sit on a trolley and be easy to move around. The system should be able to integrate with our EMR.
The purpose of this sources sought is to determine the market for these items. If you can provide these items, please respond to aaron.rogers1@va.gov. Please ensure to highlight if you are a Small business, Veteran owned small business, etc.

The following items are known to meet the needs of the Clement J Zablocki VAMC, please respond if you have the ability to offer a Brand Name or Equal quote for this requirement.
CLIN 001 Quantity one (1)
Solar GI HRIM Solid State, Trolley Integrated (G3-10)
Windows 10 PC
24 monitor
All in one printer
Solar Templates and Comments Module
Maximum weight is 25kg
Maximum trolley size (HxWxD) is 40x25x25 inches

CLIN 002 Quantity one (1)
Cable, Power Supply Connector Converter to Plug into LIT, North American (CAB465)
Maximum power requirement is 120V
CLIN 003 Quantity one (1)
Cable, Printer Cable, USB 2.0 Hi-Speed A/B, 6 ft Long with Ferrites, RoHS (CAB1056)
CLIN 004 Quantity one (1)
Solar High-Resolution Anorectal Manometry (HRAM) software package (AO-HRAM)
High Resolution Manometry
Anorectal Manometry
High Resolution Anorectal Manometry
Patient Database Program
MMS Reporter
Hardware Test Program
Virtual Instructor Program
Pudendal Nerve Stimulation, Motor Nerve and Electrical Stimulation
CLIN 005 Quantity two (2)
HRIM catheter, 31U + 5C, 16Z, 10 Fr (K103659-E-1545D)
CLIN 006 Quantity two (2)
Premium service contract, Solid State catheter – K103659-E-1545-D – 2 years (SCSSC4)
CLIN 007 Quantity two (2)
HRAM catheter, 11B + 1U balloon, 12 Fr, 8mm spacing (LP) (K121259-L5-1444D)
CLIN 008 Quantity two (2)
Premium service contract, Solid State catheter – K121259-L5-1444-D – 2 years (SCSSC7)
CLIN 009 Quantity one (1)
MMS, Software, Network Analysis for 2 Initial Users (Net 600)
CLIN 010 Quantity one (1)
MMS, Ohmega R (G2-1)
CLIN 011 Quantity one (1)
MMS, Software, HIS HL7 link EXPORT (HIS 628)
CLIN 012 Quantity two (2)
Course, Pediatric Motility Workshop (COU111)
CLIN 013 Technical Training
CLIN 014 Quantity two (2) service manuals

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