36C25220Q0857 – Sources Sought – 5835–Sound Isolation Booth

Sep 1, 2020 | Sources Sought

The Great Lakes Acquisition Center, on behalf of the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center is seeking to acquire a sound isolation booth. This sources sought is to determine the market for acquiring these items. If your product offering can meet the specifications below, please respond via email at aaron.rogers1@va.gov
This will be a Brand name or Equal Procurement, the following items are known to meet the needs of the VA:
WhisperRoom: (MDL 102144 S) 8.5 x 12 standard (s), single wall isolation, Door window (12 x 30 )
(WDO 2642 S) Standard Window (26″ x 42″)
Products must meet the following minimum technical requirements:
1. Booth needs to able to hold existing podcasting table (59 x 61 ) setup in use at the Facility.
2. Must maintain appropriate 36″ minimum clearance on sides. The footprint where the sound booth must fit is 13 x 16 9 and that area is a corner inside a much larger room.
3. Must have a window to permit view of fire alarm strobes by the operator inside the booth.
4. Must be able to have a sprinkler head installed inside the booth
5. Must fit within space between 2 exterior walls and 1 pillar in TV studio room 6133 while allowing for required sound equipment to fit inside. There must be 36″ air space for air flow and to allow for maintenance needs to windows or heating system around the perimeter of room 6133.

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